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Friday, August 31, 2021

give me
Britney Spears is back on the horse. Her new comeback single, “Gimme More”, debuted on the website of NYC’s Z100 today.

And, while supplies last — or at least until the Z100.com crew figures out how to mask a URL — you can download the MP3 track by right-clicking here.

Really amazing that by this point, a major media channel would leave a track with such built-in popularity exposed to mass download. It’s not the most pristine recording — only 160kbps — but hey, it’s decent. And free.

As for the track itself? It’s alright. I rather like that “It’s Britney, bitch” opening. But it’s a bit overproduced for me, doubtless the influence of Timbaland protege Danja. It’s still Britney, but not as infectious as her past efforts. I’ll keep a lookout for the forthcoming dance remixes, hopefully on iTunes.

by Costa Tsiokos, Fri 08/31/2007 07:38:29 PM
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  1. Love it!

    Comment by Theresa — 09/07/2021 @ 02:02:24 PM

  2. LOVE IT, Britney is back in fine form

    Comment by Daniel — 09/11/2021 @ 12:20:30 AM

  3. It’s awesome. Better than some of her songs (like Slave 4 U). A damn fine comeback single. Britney rocks! All you little pop stars start shaking in your boots. The legend has returned!

    Comment by britney's#1fan — 09/12/2021 @ 02:48:55 AM

  4. Cool music!love it

    Comment by linda — 09/29/2007 @ 05:00:28 PM

  5. Cool Song!!!!!!

    Comment by Christina — 04/15/2008 @ 08:33:22 AM

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