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Sunday, August 26, 2021

I guess I’ll have to retire the above logo. After much rumoring connected to the introduction of the new RBK Edge streamlined NHL uniforms, the Tampa Bay Lightning has re-jiggered its logo.

Perhaps because the new look isn’t particularly different from the previous one (which had been largely unchanged from the original 1992 expansion team look), fan reaction has been mostly disparaging.

Since I’m not longer residing in Tampa Bay, my opinion doesn’t count for much, I guess. But I’ve still got a soft spot for the Bolts, and some legacy knowledge, so a few thoughts:

- That “comic book” vibe some of the fans are feeling from the redrawn lightning bolt is probably reminiscent of the dearly-departed Zot!. I agree, it does come off as rather minor-league.

- I’m surprised the team kept the “Tampa Bay” wording as part of the logo, instead of the team name. When it comes to sports merchandising, the rule of thumb is to avoid making the city/geographic name part of the logo, because it’s limiting: Beyond the team’s home market, sales are going to be softer nationally/internationally. Sticking with the team name, which isn’t necessarily specific to any part of the country, makes it more of a neutral fashion statement. There are exceptions — New York and other big-city teams tend to have a cachet when it comes to moving ballcaps and jerseys. But Tampa Bay? Doesn’t have the same appeal. This is one more example of the general National Hockey League marketing ineptness, frankly.

- Way back when, probably ten years ago, some talk had been going around about a logo/uniform reboot. One idea that was floated around was to replace the lightning bolt logo altogether and anthropomorphize the team symbol. The choice came out of mythology: Thor, the Norse god of thunder. For intellectual property reason, it wouldn’t be the Marvel Comics rendition, but rather, the classical description. I thought it would have been neat. From a marketing perspective, the team could have exploited Thursday night games under this motif (Thursday, “Thor’s Day” — get it?), and maybe even branded power-play opportunities as “Hammer Time” (with accompanying MC Hammer oldies on the arena soundsystem).

by Costa Tsiokos, Sun 08/26/2007 12:59:37 PM
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