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Saturday, August 25, 2021

Straight outta Podcamp Pittsburgh, a new (dare to declare it 2.0) digital coinage is born: Bacn.

As in, it ain’t that pesky spam that, just by the crush of its volume, still manages to slip past filters and into inboxes. Rather, this is a higher-quality cut of the Internet swine. Succinctly put, it’s email that you want — but not right now. In other words, various requested newsletters, social network invitations, and the like. You still want to see bacn, but you don’t necessarily jump at it once it’s safely in. Maybe later, or maybe even next week.

I certainly have a good amount of such non-critical email. I’d say some of my bacn is borderline spam, in that I never bother to even open it, and may at some point either unsubscribe or, opting for an easier course, mark it as spam. I’m wondering if there’s an equivalent bacn for blog-comment spam, which is more of a hassle for me these days…

I consider this consistent pigmeat analogy to be a little curious. Is it a subtle hint to vegetarians, vegans, Jews, Muslims, and other pork-avoiders to eschew the Web altogether?

by Costa Tsiokos, Sat 08/25/2007 09:09:12 PM
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