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Saturday, August 18, 2021

He uses it as a stepping stone toward reviews of a bunch of overprice Bluetoothed trinkets, but David Pogue brings up a good observation about how external wires are being phased out of our tech toyland:

Yes, wires. If you hadn’t noticed, they’re disappearing at an alarming clip. The cord between your home phone handset and the phone body? Gone. The wire between your cellphone and clip-on earpiece? Gone. The cable from your laptop to the network router? Gone.

Wi-fi Web/network connectivity is probably the most common example of this, at home and work. But if anything, the possibilities for ditching wires are underutilized. For example, I used to have to buy a new data cable every time I bought a new cellphone. But last time, since I got a phone with Bluetooth functions (which practically every phone has now), I smartened up and got a USB-plugin Bluetooth reception dongle. Now, syncing phone and computer is smoother, and I won’t have to buy a new connection interface with my next phone.

More to come, too. Wireless electrical power transmission will take the unplugged setup to bold new levels. Someday, the very concept of external connection wiring for any purpose might be a quaint outmoded technological memory.

The downside? Security holes galore, probably. And I’m sure a couple of decades from now, we’ll all be diagnosed with irradiated tumors, as a result of living in daily wireless crossfire zones. Convenience now, chemo later…

by Costa Tsiokos, Sat 08/18/2007 02:24:50 PM
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