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Friday, August 10, 2021

Thanks to some intrepid file-diving by Chaz, the world now knows that the Sony MP3 Walkman is apparently engineered by texting-happy teenaged girls:

…I noticed that the folder on the machine which actually contains all the music files is called OMGAUDIO.

I know the iPod’s file system used to contain folders with names like “TheVolumeSettings” or somesuch. Depending on how your iPod synced with a computer, those telltale folders would wind up on networks, making them a dead giveaway that someone was hooking up their digital tunes to their workplace computer. (I think Apple has since revamped the file system; I’d check but I don’t have a syncing cable handy.)

Much like Chaz, I get a chuckle out of these kind of hidden techie foibles. Giggly is taking it a bit too far, though.

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Finally, a Bluetooth-enabled device I would actually use. BlueQ is a plastic wristband that syncs with your cellphone to ensure you won’t miss a call:

It contains a tiny Bluetooth receiver and a cellphone-like vibrating module. The idea—which is, actually, rather brilliant—is that you’ll no longer miss cellphone calls because your cellphone’s own vibrate mode is feeble and you can’t hear the ringer. Because of the BlueQ, you’ll feel the vibration on your wrist, where you can’t miss it. (Get the name now? Blue as in Bluetooth; Q as in your cue to answer the phone.)

One of my frequent complaints with cellphones — and this has been the case with every phone I’ve ever owned — is that the ringtones and vibrate modes are pitifully weak. Whenever I store my phone in my pant pocket and I’m in a crowded situation, I’ll miss a call. I try to wear shirt with breast pockets just to avoid this, but I’m not at the point of basing all my wardrobe decisions on cellphone access. (And don’t even bother suggesting those God-awful belt clips.)

So for me, the BlueQ would be ideal. No way to miss a buzzing sensation on the wrist! And since I don’t wear any other wristbands or other incidentals, I can live with just thing on my arm.

But it does seem that a wrist accessory has less appeal for men than it does for the ladies:

This is genius for women, which makes it even more important that it be available in some kind of customizable form. Like many women, I carry my cell in my purse. (Belt mounted just doesn’t really work for women, but I will leave the details of why to your imagination. Just remember what we don’t do standing up.) Anyway, I miss calls a lot because my purse is not close enough to hear, sometimes even when it is on my shoulder. Plus, I forget to turn the ringer back on after meetings. So I think this is a fabulous idea.

If the company gets smart and rolls out different colors for this thing, I expect to see it become the tech accessory of choice by mid-2008.

by Costa Tsiokos, Fri 08/10/2021 09:05 AM
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