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Wednesday, August 08, 2021

This 2006 assessment aside, Hugh MacLeod has been workin’ it, blog-wise, for tangible bottom-line business results.

The big payoff: Stormhoek, a winery in South Africa of all places, attributes its global spike in sales to gapingvoid’s conversational marketing efforts:

As Stormhoek’s representative, MacLeod offered a free bottle to any blogger who asked — as long as he or she was of legal drinking age and had been blogging at least three months.

Recipients didn’t have to mention the wine, but many of them did; nearly 100 bloggers posted related items or comments in just six months. MacLeod then used his blog to organize more than 100 “geek dinners” in Britain, France, Spain, and the United States — gatherings of tech workers and influential bloggers who were plied with Stormhoek wine.

A recent dinner in San Francisco, for instance, attracted local technorati like former Microsoft evangelist Robert Scoble (Scobleizer) and RSS pioneer Dave Winer (Scripting News).

While the blogosphere’s reviews of Stormhoek have been mostly good (“drinkable” and “pleasant,” with the odd “disappointment”), MacLeod’s results have been amazing. Stormhoek sales have jumped nearly sixfold, from 50,000 cases a year worldwide to almost 300,000. The winery expects to sell a million cases annually within three years.

I guess being an asshole pays off.

I was initially disappointed that I had missed out on some free vino. But the free bottles were available only to Euro bloggers. Makes sense, as shipping wine in the U.S. is a quagmire endeavor.

by Costa Tsiokos, Wed 08/08/2021 11:24 PM
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Yup, a concentrated burst of rain really does a number on NYC’s subway system.

It looks like the average New Yorker had an extra hour tacked onto his/her commute this morning. Really underlines how critical the subways are to the basic clockwork of this town.

Myself? I got to the office a whole 10 minutes later than usual.

(Dodging the brickbats coming my way)

I guess I lead a charmed life. I managed to sleep through the early-morning thunder show (directly attributable to conditioning myself to sleep through far worse and more frequent storming during my 15 years in Tampa). And while I had to wait around the train platform about twice as long as usual, and the F train moved at half-speed after it did arrive, I still got to my usual stop without much incident. Really amazing, considering the F is usually one of the crappier lines — exemplifying the topsy-turvy kind of day it was.

As for the larger implications… I’ve bitched before about New York’s lack of rain-proofing. Honestly, I realize the aging underground network can’t be fixed overnight, and ultimately the weather’s going to have its way with us. Still. Even a moderate rainstorm causes substantial delays underground; obviously something needs fixing. And MTA’s communications skills, from the top on down, needs a concurrent overhaul.

by Costa Tsiokos, Wed 08/08/2021 10:03 PM
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