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Sunday, July 29, 2021

How is it that Globe Trekker TV host Megan McCormick is not a big-time TV star yet?

I mean, look at her. She’s cute as all get-out and the camera loves her. Plus, apparently she’ll eat anything. All the ingredients for a television celebrity!

Globe Trekker is obviously positioning her as the main draw for the series. I admit, I’m fairly hooked on the show — but pretty much only when she’s the host. Her segments have a underlying comedic touch half the time, a real fish-out-of-water quality that’s engaging. In fact, her interactions with the exotic locales she highlights inspire me to take a stab at a full-fledged comedy series about a blunter ugly-American travelogue show, featuring deadpan un-PC behavior by a clueless on-camera personality.

Not that that should detract from McCormick’s charms. I like her way more than, for instance, that spastic Amanda Congdon. If we’re comparing New York-based niche-video personalities.

by Costa Tsiokos, Sun 07/29/2007 10:24:45 AM
Category: Celebrity, TV, Women
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  1. megan is absolutely adorable. I’m going to NEW YORK to marry her some day…I swear. OR I will find her on some lonely Indo’ beach frolicking happily oh my!! I LIKE her just as she is. I don’t want her to get Rachel Rayed’ and overexposed….that would break my heart, barne

    Comment by barne in tahoe — 08/07/2021 @ 02:25:51 PM

  2. one more thing: if your out there listening Megan call me at (530) 401-4600 and we can chat…barne.lol

    Comment by barne in tahoe — 08/07/2021 @ 02:28:44 PM

  3. Iam in love with Megan, her innoccence takes away your heart

    Comment by Vaquas — 08/10/2021 @ 12:22:27 PM

  4. I found a good site on Megan McCormick, some videos, http://www.meganmccormick.net.

    Comment by pedro — 09/04/2021 @ 12:40:21 PM

  5. is megan gay?

    Comment by jane — 09/19/2007 @ 01:53:39 AM

  6. I Love Megan Mccormick!!! SHE ROCK’S!!! “1 Love” ;)

    Comment by AKUMA — 10/31/2007 @ 08:53:04 PM

  7. this is for megan….im truelly blessed to be your contemporary..im lucky that i saw a wonderful person atleast on tv.God has has been kind to us that He sent megan to earth……!!!would be glad to meet you and chat.wishing you all the happiness in life.cheers!!

    Comment by hudinang pamei — 11/29/2007 @ 06:24:52 AM

  8. no shes not gay she lives in new york with her lucky husband and a kid born in 2004

    Comment by jim jones — 12/15/2007 @ 01:18:59 AM

  9. Megan is absolutely stunning, she’s a beautiful woman.

    Comment by Kenny — 01/03/2021 @ 03:09:59 AM

  10. Yes, now i am only REALLY interested to watch Globe Trekker when shes the host!

    Shes just so Natural and doesnt feel like shes reading from a script from her head..spontenous and very humourous!

    A real talent!

    Comment by Vicki Koe, Singapore — 01/07/2021 @ 08:54:09 PM

  11. Megan u r hot sexy please show me ur ass clips on the show.:-)coz that sweet ass is the best i know aaaha ;)

    Comment by Hot — 01/15/2008 @ 07:43:02 PM

  12. I just discovered her on one of the Globe Trekker episodes and she IS uniquely fabulous…I want more.

    Comment by hhh222 — 01/26/2008 @ 03:19:59 PM

  13. Great host on Globe Trekker, she’s the only reason I watch.

    Comment by jacob — 03/03/2021 @ 03:30:11 PM

  14. OH Megan,
    I have fallen for you. I look for you on late nite repeats on WNYC in NYC every time I can. Your so much fun and so easy on the eyes. I love you..dump your hubby and run away with me back to that island in the marianas with me. I will hunt and fish for you for the rest of our sexy lives… Alec.

    Comment by Alec — 03/09/2021 @ 01:04:42 AM

  15. Actually it was the Maldives. But what the hell..you make me hallucinate with pleasure whwnever uou on on. Its wonderful to know you are making new episodes. Keep em coming.. RUFF RUFF.

    Comment by Alec — 03/09/2021 @ 01:17:47 AM

  16. A picture of her husband Gethin Aldous, can be found on this link.

    I think she has a child as well.

    Comment by David — 04/20/2008 @ 07:20:54 PM

  17. Megan, I’m sure we knew each other or will in another lifetime! Why did I grow up drawing maps? Why did I dream of traveling the globe with you, my counterpart? Why having seen just one of your films am I thinking of you on this dreary Pennsylvania day? If I could only hug you for one full minute you would understand . . .

    Comment by Dennis — 05/12/2021 @ 11:52:39 AM

  18. Guys.. she’s married with a daughter. Pack ur bags and find someone else to obsess. Preoccupy your mind w/ some other babe.

    Comment by Earl — 05/21/2008 @ 01:20:14 AM

  19. she is sweet. seems such a nice person on screen. so so nice

    Comment by blackdalek — 05/26/2008 @ 01:47:28 PM


    Comment by BRAD MICHAEL TANKERSLEY — 06/12/2021 @ 07:45:27 PM

  21. I like her tits ! Great tits !!!!!!!!!! :D I would fuck her any time !!!!!! :D :D :D :D Too bad she’s married, but that not a problem for me :)

    Comment by Vince — 07/22/2008 @ 09:39:39 AM

  22. Meg,sing a song with me.Touch the sky.Thank heven for little girls for they grow up in the most peculiar ways,YOUR HOT You can get the party going.Nice legs.Marry an accountant next time Ya baby.Lets do another lap.Baby hold on to me.If you run for office there would be another Bob Hope Christmas.Ok people, i kissed a girl and i liked it.

    Comment by Aurthur Rylands Lowe — 08/22/2008 @ 07:40:26 PM

  23. I watched her for the first time today - cute & happy . So I did some research on her — called some PBS friends -
    She has a little girl lives in NYC - but she was married . She is indeed Gay and lives with her GF. Not that there is anything wrong with that

    Comment by kk.Green — 08/24/2008 @ 05:16:14 AM

  24. I saw her on the Greek Islands episode. She has a kid? Hard to believe … Her breasts are spectacular. Very cute. her girlfriend is very, very lucky.

    Comment by Jean says "Wow!" — 10/18/2008 @ 10:02:30 PM

  25. The sweetest young lady. Easy on the eye. A joy to watch. Great in dreams.

    Comment by tafinnarnia — 10/24/2008 @ 05:00:05 AM

  26. megan u remember me me from the hut on dominican republic >. i was # 4 or 5

    Comment by big willie — 10/25/2008 @ 11:36:05 PM

  27. Guys, she been married for a number of years and has a kid. Keep dreaming. She is quite intoxicating and playful to watch. Sweet voice.

    Comment by Cryogenix — 11/03/2021 @ 11:42:47 PM

  28. Just turned off after 5 minutes of this drivel. i cant believe how it made it on to the screen in britain. quite air-brained nonsense joyously loving the camera that europe was so buuteefull. i cant help dry retching for 5 minutes.

    Comment by Brit — 11/07/2021 @ 06:00:39 PM

  29. Megan is very beautiful, sheis a very kind person.I love her shows very much.i hope all your dreams come true.May god bless her and her family.

    Comment by dinesh — 11/12/2021 @ 04:26:06 PM

  30. Megan McCormick website updated. It is so cool!

    Comment by pedro — 11/16/2008 @ 12:26:14 AM

  31. Megan is the best. I love Megan!

    Comment by robert — 11/17/2008 @ 04:16:26 PM

  32. I just saw her on the television, hot , hotter, hottest.

    Comment by bert jansen — 11/26/2008 @ 07:58:21 PM

  33. ya, she sure is a real doll, I love her, she has the look I’ve always imagined the woman I would love to meet and know.

    Comment by peter — 11/29/2008 @ 11:50:30 PM

  34. I’ll tell you why…her ditzy, spacey, I’m so cute, painfully hip, I might be on illicit drugs but only act that way, foamy saliva mouthed delivery along with her hokey theatrics are so annoying that I can no longer watch Globe Trekker. She progressively got worse to the point I couldn’[t focus on where she was travelling. I think its time she is retired. Joanne Colan on Any Given Latitude(Fine Living Network) is a much better alternative. She actually covers the place she travels to thoroughly, food, history, sights, recreation without dancing like a drunk sorority girl(Megan) in her first sari asking stupid questions and demanding to try everything so she can she can scream “oh my god” and perform rudimentary slapstick routines for the adoring locals. Ugh.

    Comment by Portlander — 01/11/2021 @ 01:54:21 AM

  35. Man, she is grating on my nerves now. She’s trying to be too cute and funny and clever, and it’s just not working. She’s lost herself in her ego.

    Comment by Cryogenix — 01/15/2009 @ 09:21:36 AM

  36. Megan is cute. But Brianna Barnes is adrop dead knockout!!!

    Comment by bryall70 — 01/28/2009 @ 05:51:34 PM

  37. Hey portlander and cryogenix, keep you shitty thoughts to your self. She kicks ass and is very good at what she does. MEGAN keep up the killer shows and ignore people who are jellious.Love your shows and Ian’s also.

    Comment by krg661 — 01/29/2009 @ 03:40:04 PM

  38. Megan is so so so so so hot and some episodes you can pick out her seductive voice. she mut be so great in bed

    Comment by mike — 02/16/2009 @ 03:13:03 PM

  39. Hi Megan cute…..

    Comment by Roslan — 03/11/2021 @ 02:10:33 AM

  40. I can’t stand Globe Trekker. The hosts are too happy thanks to the unique situations their producers put them into. Situations that the average traveler doesn’t get into. Where’s the crap they have to deal with? Do they ever get mad or hassled?
    Obviously the show is geared toward the one week vacation traveler who tries to have a perfect time and not the long-term traveler who knows there will be bad days and good days

    Comment by Scott — 05/06/2021 @ 10:52:25 PM

  41. It is a TV Show and a very good one at that. What do you want them to say “Hey looser sence you do not go anywhere and we do.” All the hosts are good at what they do I have been watching for about 3 years. My favorite is the show on Pakistan. Megan is very good and of course she sells. Try watsching the show to learn about other places and people. That is what I see as the real power of the show,

    Comment by Stephen Molohosky — 06/20/2009 @ 10:57:22 AM

  42. She’s the absolute Dude

    Comment by Sasha — 07/13/2009 @ 03:24:43 PM

  43. megan best babe on the planet

    Comment by john atkinson — 08/28/2009 @ 11:41:02 PM

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