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Wednesday, July 25, 2021

The kids have spoken — and they did it via MySpace instead of Outlook:

“I only use e-mail for my business and to get sponsors,” Martina Butler, the host of the teen podcast Emo Girl Talk, said during a panel discussion here at the Mashup 2007 conference, which is focused on the technology generation. With friends, Bulter said she only sends notes via a social network.

“Sometimes I say I e-mailed you, but I mean I Myspace’d or Facebook’ed you,” she said.

To be sure, much has been written about the demise of e-mail, given the annoyance of spam and the rise of tools like instant messaging, voice over IP and text messaging. But e-mail has hung on to its utility in office environments and at home, even if it’s given up some ground to new challengers. It may be that social networks are the most potent new rival to e-mail, one of the Internet’s oldest forms of communication. With tens of millions of members on their respective networks, MySpace and Facebook can wield great influence over a generation living online, either through the cell phone or the Internet.

To me, this development suggests a reversion of sorts for email, regardless of the motivation. Despite its purpose as “electronic mail” that delivers far faster than the Post Office, email’s format still suggests a framework of formality: Writing a letter in the sense that conversational back-and-forth is a little awkward to carry out; archiving into Sent, Received, etc. folders that imply a need to organize. This is indeed a good setup for business dealings that require record-keeping. But for social interaction? It’s a drag.

So the perception of email moves more toward a business-only tool. IM and texting, with it’s seemingly more free-wheeling structure, is more suited toward casual, everyday chit-chat (even though you can indeed archive conversations, unbeknownst to most users; and don’t forget the threat of spim!).

I’m still holding out against the un-email options, but it’s clearly a losing battle. I’m kinda hoping telepathy pops up sooner rather than later, so I won’t have to bother…

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Somehow, I’ve been taggedby Katyola, no less.

I usually don’t go for these meme-ish exercises. But just this once, I’ll be sport. Let’s start with the somewhat-disjointed rules:

1. We have to post these rules before we give you the facts.
2. Players start with eight random facts/habits about themselves.
3. People who are tagged need to write their own blog about their eight things and post these rules.
4. At the end of your blog, you need to choose eight people to get tagged and list their names.
5. Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them they’re tagged, and to read your blog.

I’ll try to be as random as I can:

1. I hate tomatoes and tomato byproducts — with the sole exception being the tomato sauce found in pizza.

2. I regularly take procrastination to bold new levels.

3. I consider myself to have absolutely no personal fashion sense, and yet manage to draw compliments almost daily on my wardrobe choices.

4. My personal pet is a blue betta fish, residing by himself (as betta should be) in a five-gallon desktop tank. He has no name.

5. Years after kicking the habit as a child, lately I find I’m back to compulsively biting my nails (or one, at least, on my left thumb).

6. Between the two, I’m having more trouble coming to terms with my graying hair than with my thinning hair.

7. Despite closing in on two years of living in New York, I refer to other U.S. locales as if I’m still geographically oriented in Florida (example: I wonder what an acquaintance is doing “up in Nashville”, i.e. north of where I am, instead of the proper south).

8. What I consider to be my dirtiest personal secret: I’m actually an optimist.

What the hell, I gave it a shot.

Now for the forwarding to others part. I figure these eight thrill-seekers will take the bait:

- Better Living Thru Blogging!
- Dustbury.com
- When Tara Met Blog
- Hit Coffee
- Thudfactor
- Journeys of Jack Tripper
- In Theory
- douglas.nerad

And, we’re done. I feel so used.

UPDATE: Turns out Dustbury’s already swung through this. So, let’s sub in Gary Said… instead. Order restored.

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Looks like every single pixel on The Million Dollar Homepage is booked up solid.

So it’s time to move onto another gimmicky online advertising schtick involving large numbers. Cue up MillionCount. The premise of this ad-attractor is having a guy count from 1 to 1 million, out loud, a few thousand per day, until he’s finished after approximately 3-4 months.

Yeah, that’s it. Not exactly scintillating, unless you consider number recitation to be an endurance sport.

But the rudimentary site seems to have signed up some major sponsors, so somebody’s buying the concept. I’m guessing it’s waiting for a big traffic spike, to come when mainstream media coverage hits, and try to maximize ad revenue in that short window.

by Costa Tsiokos, Wed 07/25/2007 10:26:08 PM
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