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Tuesday, July 24, 2021

What was my first thought about news that the invasive Burmese python is making itself at home in the Sunshine State?

Some very rough estimates put the state’s pet python population above 5,000. More than 350 have been found in [the Everglades] since 2002, with others showing up in mangroves along Florida’s west coast and farther north in the state. There are perhaps 10 more for every one that is seen, [Everglades National Park biologist Skip] Snow said.

In May 2006, biologists confirmed that Everglades pythons were not a transient curiosity when they found the first eggs. “There were 46 eggs, 44 fertile,” Mr. Snow said. Shortly afterward, they found another clutch of two dozen, already hatched.

My thought was that the state’s notorious stomach-bursting alligators aren’t doing their part to stem this slithering spread.

by Costa Tsiokos, Tue 07/24/2007 11:25:24 PM
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no pink in sight
I took the above photo back in May, on a day when I was seeking out one of the few scattered Pinkberry frozen yogurt shops in Manhattan. Reading about Tara’s visit to an LA edition of Pinkberry inspired me enough to throw it up now, well after the fact.

This is, of course, one of the series of pics I’ve taken as part of MWW Group’s Nikon D80 Picture This campaign. Click here for bigger versions of this image.

Leave it to me to go to a food outlet and take a picture of the non-food items. These trinkets amounted to Pinkberry’s kitschy toyshop, very Japanese/anime inspired. I just liked the way the light was set, and the overall composition of the scene. Much worthier of record than what was going on behind the counter, anyway.

Oh, as for the yogurt itself? I’ll repeat what I told Tara:

I got the green tea flavor, topped with Fruity Pebbles. It was okay, I wouldn’t go for the same combo again. “Tastes like grass” is about right, and that “gr” is hanging in by a string ;) Next time I’ll have to try the plain with something more creative for a topping — Coco Pebbles?

Actually, I think they should expand the options in junkfood-cereal toppings. Get some Cap’n Crunch and Rice Krispies in there, Pinkberry!

by Costa Tsiokos, Tue 07/24/2007 10:10:17 PM
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bean him!
OK, Craig Biggio, here’s the deal:

You’re retiring after a 20-year career, all with the Houston Astros. You’ve played just about every infield position, you’ve got 3,000 career hits, 400 career stolen bases, and you’re practically guaranteed a spot in Cooperstown.

And none of that will be diminished in the least if you fulfill the final piece of the puzzle: Reaching the top of Major League Baseball’s all-time career hit-by-pitch list, displacing Hughie Jenkins.

At 285 times getting beaned while at-bat, you’re only three plunks away from taking the crown. No one’s going to begrudge you crowding the plate for the rest of this season, and reacquainting your body with that familiar fastball [thud!] in the shoulder or back. Face it — you’re practically a baseball magnet. So play to it!

Naturally, your career wrap-up lends a sense of urgency to the Plunk Biggio blog, dedicated to chronicling your road to supreme plunkiness. When you hang ‘em up, so will that blogger (I presume). Why not have both of you go out in a glorious fashion? After all, he’s looking out for you while you attain immortality, as evidenced by his disclaimer:

Moral disclaimer: The author of this blog does not support or endorse intentionally throwing at Craig Biggio.

Finally, to seal the deal: I propose you follow my advice to you from two years ago:

I think Biggio should embrace his destiny, and start publicly soliciting the beanballs. First step: Adopt Britney Spears’ “Hit Me Baby One More Time” as his at-bat music.

No pitcher’s going to resist that bait. Cue up Britney, and you’ll be getting nailed every other time you’re up at the plate. Why stop at 287? Blow that record away and shoot for 300!

That’s my pitch to you, Craig. Feel free to step in front of it!

by Costa Tsiokos, Tue 07/24/2007 09:37:38 PM
Category: Baseball
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