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Sunday, July 22, 2021

Interesting. Independent game design seems to be taking off, with Nintendo fostering it via a nascent WiiWare support system.

I’m guessing this will spawn various knock-offs of Doom and other complexity-rendered games. I’d rather see a renaissance of old-school games like Robotron: 2084, along those lines. Not likely to happen, I know, but here’s hoping.

by Costa Tsiokos, Sun 07/22/2007 10:31:56 PM
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MizPee is a mobile-phone service aimed at solving problem No. 1 for many an out-and-about urbanite: Where to find the nearest toilet — the cleaner the better — when you simply must make a pit-stop.

Helping visitors find relief is just part one. Part two, i.e. where MizPee is supposed to make money, involves pushing localized advertising promos on the results page, as per this step-by-step example.

I’m guessing the thought is that anyone desperate enough to consult their cellphone for pee-peeing recommendations is an especially suggestible captive audience. Assuming that, y’know, they don’t just hang up the phone as soon as they’ve located the loo.

It looks like the company’s launch announcement last month got a little bit of press. But a quick spin on the city-by-city search utility doesn’t indicate much content in the database yet. Maybe business prospects for the targeted restroom audience aren’t as lucrative as one might imagine.

by Costa Tsiokos, Sun 07/22/2007 05:37:31 PM
Category: Internet
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