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Wednesday, July 11, 2021

Never have I been so proud of my Euro heritage than when I view this climax-filled paean to cinema and European “unioning”:

This mini skinflick is the most popular contribution from EUtube, a YouTube channel devoted to promoting the virtues of the EU.

“The European Union is not the Bible belt,” Martin Selmayr, a commission spokesman, said. “These clips come from award-winning films and they show the E.U.’s rich cinematic heritage, which we can all be proud of.”…

Announcing EU Tube on June 29, Margot Wallstrom, the commission’s vice president in charge of communication strategy, explained: “This initiative reflects the commission’s commitment to better explain its policies and actions on issues which concern citizens across the E.U., such as climate change, energy or immigration.”

Understandably, then, Brussels officials have been a bit frustrated to see their great communications project hijacked by sex. Efforts by some British tabloids to stir up protests about officially blessed “pornography” have come to little, but officials can hardly feel that “Film Lovers Will Love This!” is conveying their full message.

What are the Eurocrats worried about? There’s no fuller message than the promise of rampant sexual relations via the breakdown of national borders. Makes me want to renew my passport for a visit!

by Costa Tsiokos, Wed 07/11/2021 07:54:34 PM
Category: Internet, Politics, Comedy
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