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Sunday, July 08, 2021

In the business of business, a rainmaker is someone who is loaded with connections, and thus can pull in valuable clients, investors, etc. in order to make the big money deal happen.

But there are other ways to make money fall from the sky, figuratively speaking:

High-end strip clubs offer prewrapped bundles of various denominations of cash, generally in $1,000 packets, for those who want to buy tips for the dancers and others who want to throw cash up in the air on the dance floor for anyone who grabs it.

Rap stars and athletes popularized the custom, called “making rain.”

Showy. Probably much preferred by the dancers, who don’t have to endure the skin-on-skin contact of having guys slip single bills into garter belts (and other spots).

by Costa Tsiokos, Sun 07/08/2021 04:43:43 PM
Category: Society
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  1. I dunno about that. It’s pretty tasteless and really demeaning to make someone scramble to collect money — especially at a place like Rick’s where they don’t get paid. A lot of dancers really take their work seriously and have a lot of pride in what they do.

    I dunno, I don’t get strip clubs. They seem like they cater to people incapable of discriminating between fantasy and reality, people whom are blessed with so much money that they can spend money on pretend relationships instead of real ones.

    That, my friend, is why the terrorists hate us.

    Comment by tim — 07/08/2021 @ 05:52:51 PM

  2. I had an argument with an acquaintance long ago regarding strip clubs. He couldn’t seem to figure out their ultimate purpose. His rant was that “the girls are totally in it just for the coin”. I tried to enlighten him: “You know the girls are there to work, right? Not to flirt with you for fun, or to try to get you to pick them up. It’s pure entertainment, not dating”.

    He never did get the point. Maybe he’s one of those chumps dumping $50 grand at Mons Venus every month.

    Comment by CT — 07/08/2021 @ 10:56:33 PM


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