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Friday, June 29, 2021

let it out
Intensity, thy name is Denis Leary. That’s the idea behind the ad campaign for the fourth season of “Rescue Me”, as manifested all over New York City’s outdoor adspace:

More than 1,000 posters of Leary, on everything from billboards to buses, have been up for weeks to promote the fourth season of “Rescue Me,” which stars Leary as a troubled firefighter.

“The inspiration behind that is the famous modern-art piece ‘The Scream,’” says Stephanie Gibbons, the network’s executive vice president of marketing. “The reason we liked it is because ‘Rescue Me’ is a very, very interesting piece of work. It exists right at the fulcrum of where tragedy meets comedy.”

Aside from the spazzed-out image of Leary, what struck me more about the ad was the way the show title is juxtaposed: In rather plain, sans-serif font, certainly apparent but very understated. The intent is that Leary is so closely associated with the show that people don’t even necessarily need to pay attention to the title, because what else could Leary be promoting? Very innovative, although I’m Fox would never try it with a mainstream show.

Nor is this ad blitz prompting me to ever watch the show. Not the first time an ad captivated me without actually selling me.

by Costa Tsiokos, Fri 06/29/2007 01:58:33 PM
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