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Monday, June 25, 2021

The stereotypical Salvador Dali work of art features weird matter-bending visuals with vivid, nuanced colors — e.g., melting clocks and other firmly-entrenched pop-cultural imagery.

Probably as a rejection of that been-there-done-that aesthetic, this 1958 watercolor, “Allegorical Saint and Angels in Adoration of the Holy Spirit”, is my favorite Dali painting. It has a spare simplicity that comes across as very bold. A photo doesn’t do it justice, as the subtlety is lost unless you see the original in person. Of particular note: Each of those angelic wings was applied with what appear to be only one or two forceful brush-strokes, which leaves behind the impression of etherealness and rapid motion. Really outstanding.

I wish a print of this piece were available, but I don’t think that’s the case. It’s worth a future visit to the Dali Museum just to see it.

by Costa Tsiokos, Mon 06/25/2007 09:25:53 AM
Category: Creative, History
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  1. This is my favorite Dali painting! Such beauty and innocence, it’s breathtaking in person! The museum is worth your time but you will have to visit a few times to really enjoy everything there, and believe me its worth every penny.

    Comment by Christy — 10/25/2007 @ 01:16:12 PM


    Because the pre-loaded wallpaper images on the iPod Touch are all either boring or slightly feminine, I decided to import this 1958 Salvador Dali watercolor, “Allegorical Saint and Angels in Adoration of the Holy Spirit” into mine. So now …

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