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Friday, June 22, 2021

draft form
Yes, I’m watching the televised coverage of the 2007 National Hockey League Entry Draft, on Versus.

Yes, I’m hopeless.

But it’s been entertaining, no doubt. Not so much the player selection so far — I’ve been familiar enough with the prospect buzz to expect Patrick Kane going No. 1 overall to the Chicago Blackhawks, along with a fairly predictable follow in the early first round. But as with Major League Baseball’s draft, this talent pool is mostly delayed gratification. Eighteen- and nineteen-year-olds generally aren’t ready to jump into the NHL; Kane and a handful of others will put on pro jerseys shortly, but the rest will take years to get to the show, if ever.

Still, Versus and TSN are putting on a good show, with the requisite scouting chatter. It’s dense hockey talk, which will be rare enough for the summer, so I’ll take it now.

Besides, the real action is taking place relationally to Draft Day — the big-time trades and other franchise transactions going down. Plenty of juicy stories:

- The Maple Leafs take yet another stab at scooping up a real starting goalie with the acquisition of Vesa Toskala from San Jose for a bushel of draft picks. Toskala and throw-in winger Mark Bell immediately go into the Toronto pressure-cooker, while the Sharks finally rid themselves of their years-long two-headed goalie controversy, with Evgeni Nabokov staying in teal.

- Florida also grabs a bona-fide starter in net, grabbing Tomas Vokoun from Nashville for picks. The Panthers come closer to replacing Roberto Luongo, and the Predators seemingly get closer to shedding more payroll in anticipation of franchise move to Hamilton, Ontario. Except that…

- In the biggest bombshell of the day, Craig Leipold has killed the deal to sell the Predators to Jim Balsillie, citing no finalized agreement and a distaste for the relocation plans. I’m sure Balsillie will try, try again, but at this stage, with the league clearly signaling that it won’t make a team move to Canada an easy process, I can’t believe any current owner will ever bother talking to the Blackberry king again; it’d be pointless.

Plenty of juice!

by Costa Tsiokos, Fri 06/22/2007 08:37:08 PM
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down, with a sound
Know what I think when I see the above picture — or just about any picture — of Amy Winehouse?

I think that if they ever decide to create a Spice Girls version 2.0, and they decide to go white with Scary Spice this time, then they’ve got the perfect candidate right here.

The deal is doubly sealed if they’re looking for someone whose singing resembles the sounds of a wounded moose.

UPDATE: I was strictly kidding about a Spice Girls reformation, and yet it’s turning into a horrible truth. Amy Winehouse or no in the lineup, that’s a scary prospect.

by Costa Tsiokos, Fri 06/22/2007 08:49:03 AM
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