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Tuesday, June 12, 2021

My Football Club is where you can chip in, along with several thousand other fans, to scrounge up enough money to buy your very own professional team!

Hang on, though: This isn’t football as in National Football League. This is football as in futbol, as in soccer. English league soccer, to be specific.

What a buzzkill.

Not only that, but we’re not even talking Premier League glam-clubs like Manchester United, et al:

With an average of 500 signing up daily on his website, [organizer Will Brooks] reckons he’ll have more than £1 million ($1.98 million) to go shopping with within the month. “We can’t be certain what club we will be able to buy,” Brooks enthuses, though he knows the top teams will be beyond his budget. “It would be a mistake to bite off more than we can chew, and, in any case, a lot of people are saying ‘please buy a club of the size that will make the journey more exciting.’ ”

Given their potential purse, Brooks and his 50,000 partners are likely to get a smaller club, a third- or fourth-tier organization. But they would run it. They’ll vote online on the purchase, help pick the manager, and vote on which players to buy or sell. As Brooks says, it’s just like popular fantasy soccer or baseball games – but it’s not make-believe.

So the plan is to buy a low-minor league club, get a charge out of owning and running it, and hope it generates plenty of notoriety and support. A big bonus comes if the team can ride this way into eventually winning its way up to Premier level.

It’s a novel concept. In American terms, it’s sort of like applying the Green Bay Packers community-ownership model to English soccer, without the benefit of the grandfathering conditions that allow the Packers to exist.

Call it pessimism, but based on my previous encounter with a “wisdom of crowds” approach to business ventures, I see this effort fizzling out quick. For instance, the democratic approach in allowing participants to vote on which club to target for purchase will result in just one thing: Most of the voters on the losing side subsequently dropping out of the project, since “their” team would no longer factor in. Fans are funny like that.

That’s assuming $2 million will even be raised, or that even a low-tiered club will even be attainable. All in all, a better concept than a viable gameplan.

by Costa Tsiokos, Tue 06/12/2021 07:15:00 PM
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