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Monday, June 11, 2021

Rock on. Safari is being ported to Windows.

I’m not desperate for a new browser. I’m using Firefox 2.0 on WinXP, and it’s running without incident. I fire up Internet Explorer 6.0 once a day at home, simply because it’s more convenient for checking a couple of accounts; that amounts to about three minutes, tops. I do have to use IE on my office-issued computer; it serves as a constant reminder of why I dumped it from my personal use in the first place.

I haven’t used Safari since I was regularly using a Mac, over a year and a half ago. It’s very Mozilla-like, by design. But it was a pleasure to use, especially the rendering engine. It’s free, so I might as well load it up and play with it. I’m going to wait for a non-beta version to come out first, though.

As for the supposed implications:

Like many of Apple’s strategic moves, the implication of an Apple browser for Windows was not immediately clear. It is likely that Mr. Jobs is now plotting a broader business strategy that will allow Apple to grow beyond its niche position in the computer market of about 5 percent.

I don’t really see that. WinFari (how’s that for a repurposed moniker?) is going to hit the same wall that Firefox does, in that it can’t overcome IE’s status as the out-of-the-box default browser on Windows. The only slight edge: Apple could bundle WinFari into iTunes, just as it’s done with Quicktime Player. Assuming iTunes retains a leading position as a media app interface, the new browser could get a solid user-install base. If iTunes is rigged to work integratively with WinFari, that will set the course for Apple’s Windows browser strategy.

by Costa Tsiokos, Mon 06/11/2021 11:44:36 PM
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I was just being cheeky when I made my prediction for what would transpire in “The Sopranos” final episode:

The whole thing turns out to be a psychoanalytical fantasy. Dr. Melfi is still Dr. Melfi, but Tony Soprano turns out to be some schmuck named Vinny Lafazzo, a plumber from Paterson, who harbors escapist fantasies of being a mob kingpin. The entire preceding eight years has, in fact, taken place within the space of a single couch session.

I didn’t watch the finale. But it sounds like my ending was better than the real deal:

You want closure? After eight years of “The Sopranos,” [series creator David] Chase ended the series with the exact opposite. He lopped off the show in mid-scene, as Tony, Carmela, A.J. and Meadow arrived, one by one, for a rare family dinner out at Holsten’s.

No doubt, the devoted are mighty let down. A few of them seem to be hijacking my previous post on the subject by using the comment box to vent. So I guess I’m hosting an ad-hoc “Sopranos” message board. I’m okay with that, so if you feel the need to spew, head on over. Fuggedaboudit.

by Costa Tsiokos, Mon 06/11/2021 11:17:20 PM
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pry, mateThis handsome young simian is some sort of tree monkey. He lives at the Bronx Zoo, and was kind enough to sit still for the couple of seconds it took me to take his picture during my visit this past Saturday. The vivid colors on his fur markings really stand out, I think.

Yes, this is another example of my handiwork with that Nikon D80 camera that MWW Group loaned me. There are nine more examples on Flickr; I took a total of 100, and weeded out the subpar ones to get down to 72. Not bad for a six-hour excursion.

I’m getting a better handle on the camera. I don’t think I’ll ever be totally comfortable with it, but I think I’m capturing shots that match up well enough with the other Picture This Project contributions. I’ll have a more complete review of using the D80, from the perspective of a non-photog, later this week.

As for the Zoo: This was my first visit in close to 30 years. I remember absolutely nothing from that elementary-school visit, circa 1980, but I’m sure the grounds and exhibits have been vastly improved in the interim. The habitat settings reminded me a lot of Floridian themepark environments; I’m duly impressed. Well worth a future visit this summer.

by Costa Tsiokos, Mon 06/11/2021 10:54:21 PM
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