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Tuesday, June 05, 2021

It’s official: Success in today’s publishing industry means going gay:

Over the past 10 years, ad revenue for all consumer magazines grew at a compound annual rate of 4% versus an 11.8% pace for gay-targeted media.

“This year’s report confirms how, in just one decade, gay and lesbian consumers have gone from an overlooked niche to an audience that Fortune 500 companies are working overtime to reach,” said Howard Buford, president of Prime Access, in a release accompanying the report. “The numbers make it clear that corporate America recognizes and values both the spending power and influence of gay consumers.”

More than 180 Fortune 500 brands bought into gay media last year, up from just 19 in 1994, with popular categories including travel, financial services, automotive, fashion and entertainment.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

by Costa Tsiokos, Tue 06/05/2021 11:48:19 PM
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Here’s what I witnessed inside the space of several minutes this afternoon, while strolling along a Central Park pathway:

A homeless guy emerged over a small hill, shouting some unintelligible gibberish toward me and my companion. He started coming toward us; she started to freak a bit. I purposely made eye contact with the bum while he was still a ways off. I guess that scared him off, because he started veering off. He didn’t stop approaching, though — he just made a beeline toward a small group of people behind us. He was still shouting. When he got close enough, he swung his hand, while holding what looked like an unopened malt-liquor tallboy can, at some guy’s head. He connected, but only glancingly, because the recipient of the blow only staggered slightly. Meanwhile, the bum reversed course, back up the hill.

Something of a close call. The guy who got hit seemed okay; the shock of the situation was probably the worst of it.

Anyway, the two of us kept walking. A minute later, we were upon the Park’s Columbus Circle entryway. Near that entryway, we spotted a small camera crew. Thinking it might be a celebrity sighting — and thus an opportunity to get a cherry shot with my MWW-provided Nikon D80 camera — we went over to check things out.

It turns out they were a filming crew with none other than Atari. They were looking for on-camera interview subjects, either for promotional spots for an upcoming game release, or else for video footage to use in said release (I wasn’t clear on that part). My companion decided to go for it; I hung back and promised to take pictures of her surrounded by the camera, boom mike, etc. And so we did.

When she wrapped up, we walked up Broadway, back toward the office. I mentioned that the juxtaposition of the two out-of-the-ordinary events made me a bit suspicious. Was the Atari crew somehow in cahoots with the assault bum? Did Atari, in fact, somehow set that whole sequence up? I mentioned what had just happened to us while the interview was going on; they seemed curious, but didn’t look particularly intrigued.

Anyway, the lesson: You never know what you’ll encounter on a walk through the Park.

by Costa Tsiokos, Tue 06/05/2021 11:17:49 PM
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