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Wednesday, May 23, 2021

declaring a loser
It seems there’s nowhere in North America that’s safe for an NHL telecast. On the heels of NBC’s “horsie game” over the weekend, hockey fans in Manitoba got gypped out of the first two periods of Tuesday’s Western Conference-clinching game between Anaheim and Detroit, in favor of live provincial-election results action.

The biggest tragedy, of course, is the civic blow north of the border:

Roddy Blochlinger said he was very upset about not being able to watch the game at home.

“I’m probably not going to go vote because of this now, just as my own little stand towards this,” he said. “I’m not even a huge hockey fan, but the playoffs are the playoffs.”

Now even Canada is keeping National Hockey League broadcasts off the air. Maybe there is something to all those conspiracy crackpot theories.

by Costa Tsiokos, Wed 05/23/2007 11:40:54 PM
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Now I’m all in favor of unique methods of brand extension. Gotta keep things fresh.

Still: A Zagat Survey on fast food?

Does anyone really need to consult a qualitative culinary guide when selecting the source of that next extra-crispy supersized extra-value meal? I got news for you, McGourmand: All those pseudo-food shacks serve up pretty much the same crap. Hold your nose and stop off at the closest one, and don’t expend unnecessary brain power on the choice.

At least one thing of value came out of this absurdity: Anonymous but snarky outtakes:

Voter comments our lawyers say are not suitable to print.

* “Instant obesity.”
* “It’s hard to tell where the food stops and the Styrofoam containers begin.”
* “The only healthy thing about the place is the exit door.”
* “Try the ‘compressed cat cutlet’.”
* “Good tasting, until the left ventricle finally gives out.”
* “Love the cheese-flavored plastic!”
* “E.coli is free with every order.”
* “They should be cited for posing as a restaurant.”
* “Best consumed drunk.”

Now that’s what I call a quick-serve ranking criteria.

by Costa Tsiokos, Wed 05/23/2007 11:16:49 PM
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Recently, at an unnamed big-city watering hole:

Fellow Traveller: She’s pretty heinous.
Me: You think?
FT: Oh yeah. Oh yeah. I wouldn’t touch her with my 10-inch pole.
Me: Yeah, right.
FT: What?
Me: I don’t believe you.
FT: What?
Me: I don’t believe that you have a “10-inch pole“.
FT: ……
Me: Not only that, I also don’t believe that you wouldn’t fuck her, drunkie.
FT: [something indecipherable, probably derogatory toward me]
Me: Give you props for coming up with that “10-inch” thing, though.

by Costa Tsiokos, Wed 05/23/2007 09:16:52 AM
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