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Sunday, May 20, 2021

still confederated
So what are the chances of a breakaway Quebec nation-state now that the Parti Québécois registered its worst election results in 30 years, leading to the resignation of leader André Boisclair?

Not great. In fact, it’s being suggested that the window for achieving Quebecois nationhood, socially and politically, has passed:

Some contend that replacing Mr. Boisclair will allow the Parti Québécois to revive itself. But changing demographics and more accepting attitudes toward the rest of Canada suggest that the Parti Québécois will have a difficult time swaying a majority of voters in favor of independence.

“We may be finding that the P.Q. was the party of a generation,” said Jocelyn Létourneau, a professor at Laval University in Quebec and the author of “What Do the Québécois Really Want?”

“Those who grew up in the 1960s,” she said, “they had this project, independence, which they now have a hard time selling to the majority of Quebecers.”

So the optimal time for independence was nearly half a century ago. Since then, greater accommodation toward French-Canadian cultural sensitivities has removed the antagonism that previously existed with English Canada, and the economy in general has bloomed. Combine that with a less homogeneous provincial population, and the atmosphere that fueled the separatist fervor no longer exists.

by Costa Tsiokos, Sun 05/20/2007 09:54:19 PM
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Since the workforce is now rife with Atari, Nintendo and PlayStation babies, the time is right for applying videogame-like structure and functionality to normally staid business software like CRM and training demos.

Tapping into that gameplay sensibility has its pluses and minuses:

[Management consultant John C.] Beck says children who grow up playing video games typically have to figure the games out for themselves, because adults don’t know how to play.

That’s quite unlike, say, children who play baseball, where the adults tell them what to do. One downside to managing the gaming generation is that it associates “bosses” with level bosses, the obstacle in their way to the next level in a game. (Mr. Beck tells managers to avoid this by becoming a strategy guide to their charges, something any gamer can appreciate.)

Sage advice to new corporate recruits: When you first meet your boss, don’t start beating on him/her as a way to locating some flashing red area that indicates a weak spot. (Beside, they’ll probably reveal their foibles in due time anyway.)

by Costa Tsiokos, Sun 05/20/2007 09:27:08 PM
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Dee’s Nuts sells some pricey snacking food. But there’s a reason for that:

Growing up on a pecan farm in Georgia and raised in the nut industry, founder Dee Williams has seen it all in the business. Bored of the ordinary nuts being consumed by the public, the time came to make a change. The saga began when an errant nut fell between the ample cleavage of a female friend. He ate the nut and discovered the hallowed journey had somehow made it tastier. Now Dee’s cycles every nut between the breasts of a beautiful woman.

Apparently, this cleavage-filtration process imparts a Virginia Slims-like smokey twang to the nuts. I’m assuming this varies, depending on which girls are filtering which nuts.

Know what would pair perfectly with these? Yep, Chef’s Chocolate Salty Balls. Especially if set to music.

(Via YesButNoButYes)

by Costa Tsiokos, Sun 05/20/2007 06:08:58 PM
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Nothing says “share our joy” — nuptially speaking — like being invited to Gwynn Paley’s and Dave Maguire’s pre-Columbian theme wedding amongst Peru’s Andean ruins.

You will awaken at 2 A.M. (it’ll be too cold to sleep anyway) and llama it down Pachatata and then up Pachamama (Earth Mother). We should arrive at the peak between 4:30 and 5:30, depending on bandits, in time to witness the first light of the Solstice, at 5:58. The Incas believe that if you stare into the sun as it rises on this day you will be Reawakened to the Ancient Knowledge of the Cosmos. Hopefully this will distract you from the sound of the seven llamas being slaughtered. (Some of you will have to walk back. Sorry.) Following a brief sacrifice to the Dragon Fertility Goddess (don’t tell Dave!), we will enjoy a traditional breakfast of potatoes and mate de coca, which is basically boiled cocaine and which I’m told puts Starbucks to shame.

Unfortunately, the blessed event was not meant to be. And even more unfortunately, at least for Gwynn: The whole thing was just a big joke.

On the plus side, the National Professional Paintball League gains a new competitor in Dave.

by Costa Tsiokos, Sun 05/20/2007 10:45:11 AM
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