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Saturday, May 12, 2021

Here’s how I kicked off this Saturday evening:

- Pulled out the martini glass

- Poured in a couple of drops of vermouth, let stand

- Pulled out the cocktail jigger, filled with ice

- Filled with gin

- Shook the jigger with moderate vigor

- Attempted to place the jigger on the table

- Slipped, dropped jigger to floor, spilling ice and gin all over the floor

- ……

- Re-filled ice and gin, shook again, then carefully placed jigger on table

- Looked for cocktail olives

- Could only find black olives — pitted

- Impaled a couple of said olives with toothpick, and dropped them in martini glass

- Poured iced gin into glass

- Proceeded to drink a strange-tasting martini

Not promising. After watching tonight’s hockey game, I think I should either go straight to bed or out for a drink not made by me.

by Costa Tsiokos, Sat 05/12/2021 07:52:51 PM
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blade runnerI’ve been jonesin’ for a pair of inline skates for a while now. I chucked my ancient (vintage 1991) Rollerblades a couple of years ago; and even though those were in okay condition, I hadn’t used them for probably a couple of years before that.

I’m back on the horse now, though. I made an impulse visit to the BLADES Board and Skate shop on Broadway, and walked out with the Rollerblade Twister II Pro blades.

I would have preferred pure hockey blades, but the selection at the store was limited. The Twisters are something of a cross between the recreational and aggressive/stunt models, although the only thing about them that suggests rail-shredding is the outer-boot plastic shell that has fewer aeration holes than the prevailing styles. Plus, the normal-sized wheels in no way resemble the tiny little pea-rollers that define aggressive boots. These skates are very reminiscent of my old pair, so I’ve got a high level of comfort there. And I admit, the minute I tried them on, the fit was so perfect that there was no way I wouldn’t buy them.

The biggest sticking point was the heel brake. I don’t like it. And yet… I’m loathe to admit it, but at this point, with all the downtime, I actually need it. Otherwise, I see myself taking a few too many painful tumbles.

So I took advantage of the beautiful day to strap on the blades and do a little urban gliding. My biggest challenge was finding enough concrete surface in which to stretch my legs/break in the skates — without colliding with anyone. I lucked out and found a spot to do about 45 minutes of rolling.

It was fun. Only spilled twice, resulting in a few burst blood vessels in the palms and a slight knee-scraping. Which was actually two spills too many. But I had to keep reminding myself: Baby steps. I was more amazed at how I could have forgotten so many basic cut-and-swerve moves, proper balance shifting, and other subtle body adjustments after only a few years. But by the end of the break-in, I was making the proper moves, and felt confident enough to take some time next weekend to head up to Central Park for an extended session of blading. (I am going to need that damned heel brake; but it’s removable, so eventually it’ll end up in the closet.)

Longer-term step: New hockey stick, and finding a for-fun league to get some games in.

by Costa Tsiokos, Sat 05/12/2021 07:18:14 PM
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