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Wednesday, May 09, 2021

the flicker
Stick with this blogging thing, and eventually people send you things.

Like a Nikon D80 digital camera. I received it as part of Nikon’s “Picture This” initiative, an attempt at promoting ground-level enthusiasm for this line of cameras via blogs, social media and other non-traditional online media.

I’m not the only one getting a piece of this action, either. A Flickr group has sprung up to show off the pretty pics coming forth.

Now, some detail: I wasn’t gifted this hardware outright. It’s being provided to me by MWW Group — specifically, by Tom Biro, of The Media Drop (and other) fame — on a six-month editorial trial. During that time, I’m free to use and abuse it, and report on it here or anywhere else at my discretion. After the six months, I have the option of extending the trial by another six months, buying the camera outright, or sending it back.

Pretty clear? Good. Because I’m very cognizant of the rampant paying-for-shill-posts trend that’s running through the blogging world, and I don’t want to give the impression that I’ve sold out.

I had some doubts about taking Tom up on this offer. I’m not exactly a shutterbug. I appreciate photography, and probably would like doing it if I felt I had more of an aptitude for it. Maybe I’m supposed to provide a purely novice angle on using this camera. But I figured, why not — there’s certainly no pressure to perform, and it is another techie toy to tinker with.

I intend to devote some focused attention to the D80 starting this weekend. I’ll be posting notable photos both within the new Photography category, and alongside the usual appropriate postings. Click-click!

UPDATE: Turns out there’s also an official Nikon site for “Picture This”, including a specific section for the D80.

by Costa Tsiokos, Wed 05/09/2021 11:59:52 PM
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    In a way, the ascendancy of digital cameras has been something of a battle of tradeoffs. The advantages over old traditional models are obvious: No film to buy/mess with, unlimited number of do-overs, easy electronic transfer for emailing purposes.

    Trackback by Population Statistic — 05/11/2021 @ 09:54:00 PM

  2. Not sure, but I think the link you have in your UPDATE is for another Nikon promotion of the D80. They sent a couple hundred out to various individuals (not bloggers specifically) and then set up the site StunningNikon to showcase what the folks did with the camera. The PictureThis campaign is yet another promotion, I believe.

    I have just received my packet from Nikon to participate in the PictureThis program and it looks like only 50 people/bloggers are participating in this one.

    Comment by Patrick McGonegal — 05/25/2007 @ 05:07:30 PM

  3. Hmm. You may be right. But I’ll let it stand anyway, if only to show another aspect of how Nikon is pushing this product line.

    I didn’t realize the “Picture This” campaign was limited to 50 people. Crazy thought: Is that just one person per State? Am I the only New Yorker in this thing??

    Comment by CT — 05/26/2007 @ 01:35:54 PM


    In a nutshell, here’s how different people react to different consumer products:
    Yesterday, I brought the Nikon D80 SLR camera that I recently received to my office. I showed it to a colleague. Being a photography enthusiast, she was all over th…

    Trackback by Population Statistic — 06/01/2021 @ 04:24:59 PM


    Of all the things I could have photographed with the Nikon D80 camera I got on loan from MWW Group, it figures one of the first would be a three-dimensional representation of the red M&M character.
    I found this little sucker on Houston Street, at…

    Trackback by Population Statistic — 06/03/2021 @ 10:30:31 PM


    It’s been more than a month since I got the use of a Nikon D80 SLR digital camera. While the provider of the camera — PR agency MWW Group, via Tom Biro — isn’t obliging me to do a product review on it, I figure I should relate …

    Trackback by Population Statistic — 06/17/2007 @ 02:31:11 PM

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