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Sunday, May 06, 2021

Thanks to my friend Bryson for forwarding me this creative vision of the social-networking community terrain. Click on the image above to get the giant-sized complete map view.

Because I just have to, I’ve listed out most of the sites/domains represented here. The Web 1.0 dinosaurs don’t need a mention, but as for the rest:

- Classmates.com
- Reunion.com
- Faceparty
- eHarmony
- Friendster
- MySpace
- Blurty
- OKCupid
- Cyworld
- Orkut
- Xanga
- LiveJournal
- Facebook
- Piczo
- “The Blogipeligo”, including Huffington Post, Technorati and BoingBoing
- Wikipedia
- SourceForge
- IRC Isles
- Deviant Art
- Last.fm
- Flickr
- BitTorrent
- Broadcaster
- ytmnd
- StumbleUpon
- del.icio.us
- Reddit
- Something Awful
- Fark
- Digg
- Your Base (as in “are belong to us”)
- 4Chan
- 2Channel
- Second Life
- Lineage
- WoW
- Runescape
- EQ
- UO
- Usenet (submerged)

And you can’t neglect the sustaining bodies of water that surround these hangouts:

- Bay of Angst
- Noob Sea
- Sea of Culture
- Ocean of Subculture
- Straits of Web 2.0 (accompanied cheekily by “Gays of Web 2.0″)
- Sea of Memes
- P2P Shoals
- Bay of Trolls
- Viral Straits
- Gulf of YouTube

Finally, we can wend our way around the Web!

by Costa Tsiokos, Sun 05/06/2021 11:00:36 PM
Category: Comedy, Creative, Internet
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