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Wednesday, April 25, 2021

To celebrate the paperback release of “100 Bullshit Jobs… And How to Get Them”, author Stanley Bing is putting half of it online.

Some occupations are no-brainers for this list: Construction-site flag waver, life coach, and of course, Donald Trump. Note that the “bullshit” designator doesn’t rely upon salary figure; the lowly crumber (crumber??) and the high-flying EVP New Media have equal standing on this dubious scale.

I note with pride that my two current gigs make the list: Consultant and blogger. Of course, I’m getting paid for only one (guess which), so I guess I’m bullshitting at only half-capacity.

Bing invites you to submit your own idea of bullshit employment. I’m tempted to send in “being Stanley Bing”, but I’m sure I’d be No. 52,893 or thereabouts.

by Costa Tsiokos, Wed 04/25/2007 08:42:01 PM
Category: Business, Comedy, Publishing
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