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Sunday, April 08, 2021

crank it
I usually wait a couple of months between blogworthy outputs of my iPod’s shuffle setting.

But I’m a couple of hours away from heading to a family Easter get-together, so I’m more focused on just getting through that. A couple of weeks is going to have to be a long enough stretch, this time out.

This five-song sampler, while entertaining — so much so that I have no qualms about presenting it — isn’t particularly Easter-oriented. At least not to me. If you can discern themes of resurrection and renewal here, that’s your business.

1. “Product”, Consolidated - Welcome to the cultural basepipe.

2. “Boys Wanna Be Her (Tommy Sunshine’s Brooklyn Fire Retouch)”, Peaches - So do you.

3. “Nighttrain”, Public Enemy - ‘Cause he ridin’ the train, you think he down for the cause.

4. “I’m Like A Bird (Digital Cutup Lounge remix)”, Nelly Furtado vs. Asha Bhonsle - You don’t know me that way.

5. “Feel It”, The Afros - Or else they’ll be callin’ me MC Baldy.

by Costa Tsiokos, Sun 04/08/2021 10:50:08 AM
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    It’s been a long time coming, so here’s the next installment of the latest random output to come out of my perpetually shuffling-repeating iPod.
    Instead of the usual five tracks, I’ve expanded out to eight, to match up with 8trk̵…

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