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Wednesday, April 04, 2021

Having trouble making that monthly house payment? Leave it to the credit card industry to come up with some assistance: Reward credit cards that reduce mortgage principal with each charge transaction.

San Francisco-based Wells Fargo said it made $398 billion of residential real estate loans last year.

According to the bank’s Web site, the Home Rebate card lets customers reduce $1 of principal on their mortgages for every $100 they spend, with automatic reductions in $25 increments. Spending $15,000 would lower principal by $150, for example.

So, if I may grossly oversimplify: The way to help pay down your mortgage is to rack up your credit card debt? Brilliant.

by Costa Tsiokos, Wed 04/04/2021 11:22:10 PM
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I’m thinking most people watch “Entourage” for the comedy, not the location scenery. Nevertheless, the authenticity of the Los Angeles cityscape depicted in the show is cited as one of the things that makes the series so great.

Many of the real-life locations are posh locales, out of the average Angeleno’s reach. Vincent’s agent Ari meets with the star’s buddy-turned-manager Eric at Koi, the pricey sushi restaurant and celebrity haunt. Eric makes a reservation for himself and his girlfriend at Beverly Hills’ Peninsula Hotel, where rooms start around $500 a night.

Other spots that the boys frequent, like the Shelter Supper Club nightspot, are off-limits for all but Hollywood’s most gilded youth.

But most locations are the sorts of everyday neighborhood joints that Los Angelenos get to know and love. They grab dogs at Pink’s flamboyant hot dog stand, line up for limited edition kicks at the sneaker boutique Undefeated and browse at Book Soup, ground zero for Southern California bibliophiles.

Yeah, I recognize a promo article when I read one. The new season starts this Sunday, so this is practically a paid advertisement. Still an entertaining one.

I was particularly entertained by the fact that I recognized every one of the examples put forth: The imported bagel-water on Fairfax Avenue, the Roe-DAY-oh vs. Ro-DEE-oh pronunciation, Johnny Drama’s San Fernando heat stroke — all of it. This, despite not having seen much of last season’s episodes, due to lack of HBO.

One other useful bit of information from this article:

The show’s knowing references to real-life Los Angeles gives it a cultural resonance that other shows lack, said writer Adrienne Crew, a devoted watcher of the show who grew up in Los Angeles and is working on a novel that takes place in the city in the 1980s.

Forthcoming fiction set in La-La Land during the decadent ’80s? Dare I hope for a second coming of Bret Easton Ellis? Regardless, I’m tired of rereading “Less Than Zero”, so I’ll have to keep an eye out for Crew’s book. Besides, she seems to be blog simpatico.

by Costa Tsiokos, Wed 04/04/2021 11:06:33 PM
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