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Thursday, March 29, 2021

The Central Park Boathouse seems like a nice place to take in the Park’s views, by the shore or on the Lake’s water surface. All while getting a bite to eat, of course.

Had I known that the Boathouse gave out thousands of dollars worth of free lunches and boat rides, I would have made it a point to visit.

Some meals, given free to some customers, cost as much as $2,600 each, according to the audit. These meals were then charged to the city, though the boathouse refused to disclose who had received the free food, the report said.

Hey, I can keep a secret too! If lingering evidence is the concern, then hey, I can always scarf up that four-figure lunch, and then proceed to regurgitate it into the Lake during my gondola-ride seasickness. (I guess bringing a date would then be out of the question.)

by Costa Tsiokos, Thu 03/29/2007 11:37 PM
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So, when Country Music Television drops your tiara-wearing ass, where’s a beauty queen spectacle to go?

I’m guessing well off the basic cable grid. Maybe they can condense and fast-forward it into a compact enough video presentation that Current will grant it a 6-7 minute broadcast window.

I’m thinking it’s time for the Miss America Pageant to give up the ghost already. Even a reality television makeover for the venerable beauty contest didn’t spur enough TV audience staying power. Short of going all-nude, I can’t imagine what would bring this relic back from its deathbed.

by Costa Tsiokos, Thu 03/29/2007 11:07 PM
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OK, when Eddie Griffin wrecked that pricey Enzo Ferrari, and we all had a laugh about it, I was just kidding about this part:

Just watch, this will relaunch Griffin’s career. If his agent is at all savvy, he can parlay this into a GEICO car insurance commercial, and from there… Hello, Undercover Brother II: Deep Cover?

But who’s laughing now?

Gossip blogs are speculating that his calamity was a coldly calculated maneuver designed to drive searches on “Redline.” The standard fast-cars-fast-girls flick was crawling along in the slow lane of Buzz, but Griffin’s accident caused searches on the film to burn rubber. Buzz on the movie doubled immediately and we’re sure the mangled Ferrari will be a hot topic as the film gasses up for an April 13 release.

It’s nice to know I’m not the only one surfing this cynical wavelength! I won’t take credit for dreaming up this conspiracy theory. Except for the part about that sequel — if that actually gets made, I want my cut of the box office, baby.

Is the mangling of $1.5 million worth of Italian sportscar a wise use of the movie marketing budget? Maybe they should up the ante and have Griffin trash a couple of Civics as well.

by Costa Tsiokos, Thu 03/29/2007 10:31 PM
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