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Sunday, March 25, 2021

Can trees be considered cool?

Perhaps only in an unconventional sense, and that’s good enough for a list of the 10 Most Magnificent Trees in the World.

My favorite: The Banyan tree, represented by the No. 3-ranked Sri Maha Bodhi plant of Sri Lanka. It’s an aesthetic preference for how the aerial roots create a weird wooden webbing effect. That’s independent of surroundings, unlike most of the other trees on the list; but surely, the visual of the Banyan Strangler Fig root structure intricately wrapped around the ruins of Cambodia’s Ta Prohm Angkor is a stunner.

There are a couple of bonus neat-o trees added to the list, along with several commenter submissions. My own contribution there: Dragon’s blood trees, found only on Yemen’s Socotra Island. They look like part of a fairy-tale landscape.

by Costa Tsiokos, Sun 03/25/2007 02:06:34 PM
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