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Sunday, March 04, 2021

back in the day
Years ago, the prospect of having to play for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers was enough to cause a player to consider taking an early retirement from the NFL.

That was because the Bucs, under the ownership of founder Hugh Culverhouse, was a perennial cellar-dweller and all-around football craphole. It also might have had something to do with those creamsicle-orange uniforms they wore back then (which I always liked, actually).

Those days, and uniforms, are long gone. But I’d like to thank Jake “The Snake” Plummer for promptly announcing his retirement upon his trade from the Denver Broncos to Tampa Bay. I realize the reason wasn’t necessarily because he thought the Bucs were a black hole — he actually didn’t want to get into a three-way battle for the starting QB position, and retirement was his only way out. But the scenario certainly took me back to the old days, thus giving me a pleasant dose of Florida nostalgia.

by Costa Tsiokos, Sun 03/04/2021 11:02 PM
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If you’re rich enough, horny enough, and sleazy enough, I suppose SeekingArrangement.com is right up your alley. The site brings the together sugardaddy and sugarbaby via an online-dating conduit, despite questions of ethics and even legality.

Aside from complaints of exploitation and cyberprostitution, have there been any other problems?

According to [Seeking Arrangement founder Brandon] Wade, “The only complaints we have ever received were from men being blackmailed by women.”

I can see that. I can also see this company turning around and pulling the old blackmail gambit on both daddies and babies, especially if the stated business prospects for the site go south. You’re basically giving your personal information to a pretty iffy operation — one that facilitates (if not outright condones) illicit affairs. Does is make much sense to disclose anything to this outfit?

by Costa Tsiokos, Sun 03/04/2021 08:46 PM
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Perhaps hoping to instill some luck from the moment they say “I Do”, thousands of newlyweds-to-be are scheduling their summertime wedding ceremonies on July 7th — or the numerically-potent 07/07/07:

The Ritz-Carlton chain reports that more than 65 percent of its hotels in the United States are playing host to at least one wedding on July 7 — and for some, it’s two, three or more. The New England Inns and Resorts Association estimates that more than 50 percent of its 250 members have at least one wedding scheduled then. Other hotels and resorts across the country, already long booked with weddings on July 7, report that they have been turning dozens of couples away.

“We’re getting between three and six calls a week specifically asking for this date,” said Michelle O’Neill, director of catering sales for the Ritz-Carlton, Lake Las Vegas in Henderson, Nev.

Best wishes to all those tying the knot on that specially-symmetrical day. Be sure to maintain that numerological mojo by scheduling your eventual divorce proceedings on December 12th, 2012 (12/12/12).

by Costa Tsiokos, Sun 03/04/2021 07:53 PM
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“Development Hell” takes on new meaning when considering Philip de Blasi and Byron Willinger’s attempts to make a movie out of John Milton’s epic poem “Paradise Lost”.

As with any Hollywood development project, things are changing along the way. The original script hewed a bit too closely to Milton for the producer’s taste, for instance. [Producer Vincent] Newman, by his own account, told the writers he wanted “less Adam and Eve and more about what’s happening with the archangels,” the battle in Heaven between God’s and Satan’s armies.

“In Eden there’s the nudity problem,” he pointed out, “which would be a big problem for a big studio movie.”

I guess the writers could console themselves with what Milton’s Dark Prince declared: Better to rule in Hell than serve in Heaven.

Personally, I keep getting “Paradise Lost” confused with Dante’s “Divine Comedy”. So a film version of either would probably make my head spin.

by Costa Tsiokos, Sun 03/04/2021 07:36 PM
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It’s no surprise that the post-9/11 political culture would find physical form in urban building design — artfully integrated, of course:

Like their 13th- to 15th-century counterparts, contemporary architects are being enlisted to create not only major civic landmarks but lines of civic defense, with aesthetically pleasing features like elegantly sculpted barriers around public plazas or decorative cladding for bulky protective concrete walls. This vision may seem closer in spirit to da Vinci’s drawings of angular fortifications or Michelangelo’s designs for organically shaped bastions than to a post-cold-war-era of high-tech surveillance.

Architectural trends can change in a hurry, and you can’t always predict what will trigger that change. Some might lament the abrupt shift from the minimalist open-aired concepts that were en vogue prior to the World Trade Center attack, but chances are a new aesthetic would have emerged anyway. The current atmosphere of heightened security called for an architectural revolution versus evolution — the timing was accelerated, but it would have happened eventually anyway.

In any case, architects are quite adept at blending the proscribed barrier elements quite skillfully into a building’s overall design. One prominent example, albeit from suburbia/exurbia instead of the city core, is Target’s concrete-ball barriers, adorned bright red to complement the corporate bullseye logo. Regardless of purpose and perceived structural-plan burdening, this “new medievalism” component doesn’t have to look grafted on.

by Costa Tsiokos, Sun 03/04/2021 02:57 PM
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special sauce
The Special Teams Index for your National Hockey League, running below. See the seven-day ups-and-downs by comparing with last week’s rankings.

Worth noting: This week’s STI top three — the Habs, Sharks, and Ducks — happen to be ranked 1-2-3 in the NHL in power-play efficiency as well.

STI Rank Team PP % (Rank) PK % (Rank) STI Number
1 Montreal Canadiens 23.3 (1) 83.1 (14) 106.4
2 San Jose Sharks 22.6 (2) 83.3 (13) 105.9
3 Anaheim Ducks 21.6 (3) 84.2 (7) 105.8
4 Vancouver Canucks 17.9 (18) 87.8 (1) 105.7
5 Minnesota Wild 18.2 (13) 85.5 (2) 103.7
6 New Jersey Devils 18.1 (14) 85.1 (4) 103.2
7 New York Rangers 19.7 (6) 83.1 (15) 102.8
8 Dallas Stars 18.4 (11) 83.8 (9) 102.2
9 Ottawa Senators 18.0 (16) 84.1 (8) 102.1
10 Nashville Predators 17.6 (20) 84.5 (5) 102.1
11 Colorado Avalanche 21.4 (4) 80.1 (25) 101.5
12 Detroit Red Wings 17.9 (17) 83.4 (12) 101.3
13 Pittsburgh Penguins 20.2 (5) 80.7 (20) 100.9
14 Florida Panthers 18.8 (8) 82.1 (16) 100.9
15 Edmonton Oilers 15.3 (27) 85.5 (3) 100.8
16 Boston Bruins 18.5 (10) 81.8 (17) 100.3
17 Buffalo Sabres 18.2 (12) 81.3 (19) 99.5
18 Philadelphia Flyers 15.0 (28) 84.3 (6) 99.3
19 Carolina Hurricanes 15.4 (25) 83.8 (10) 99.2
20 Calgary Flames 18.7 (9) 80.4 (23) 99.1
21 Washington Capitals 17.2 (21) 80.5 (22) 97.7
22 New York Islanders 16.9 (22) 80.6 (21) 97.5
23 Tampa Bay Lightning 19.2 (7) 77.7 (28) 96.9
24 Toronto Maple Leafs 18.1 (15) 78.6 (26) 96.7
25 Columbus Blue Jackets 16.0 (24) 80.4 (24) 96.4
26 Chicago Blackhawks 11.6 (30) 83.8 (11) 95.4
27 St. Louis Blues 13.5 (29) 81.5 (18) 95.0
28 Los Angeles Kings 17.6 (19) 77.1 (30) 94.7
29 Atlanta Thrashers 16.5 (23) 77.7 (29) 94.2
30 Phoenix Coyotes 15.3 (26) 78.5 (27) 93.8
by Costa Tsiokos, Sun 03/04/2021 12:55 PM
Category: Hockey
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