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Monday, February 26, 2021

So, tonight NBC debuts “The Black Donnellys”.

Anyone else taking a purely surface look at this show, and thinking, “Irish Sopranos“? The wonder is that it took this long for some network to attempt it.

by Costa Tsiokos, Mon 02/26/2007 10:24:59 PM
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What will be the most prized workplace skill a dozen years from now? Perhaps something as mundane as the ability to focus and analyze. That’s if the penchant of today’s teenagers to compulsively multitask during any/all activities results in a widespread developmental deficiency:

There is special concern for teenagers because parts of their brain are still developing, said Jordan Grafman, chief of cognitive neuroscience at the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke.

“Introducing multitasking in younger kids in my opinion can be detrimental,” he said. “One of the biggest problems about multitasking is that it’s almost impossible to gain a depth of knowledge of any of the tasks you do while you’re multitasking. And if it becomes normal to do, you’ll likely be satisfied with very surface-level investigation and knowledge.”

“Surface-level” nails it. The immediacy of accessing information via the Web already has fostered a fundamental shallowness to the former beneficial rigor of research. It’s basic quantity-over-quality, the belief that it’s better to touch on a wide swath of knowledge instead of drilling deeper on a few topics.

I’ve never bought into the virtues of multitasking, for young or old. It’s just an outgrowth of this Age of Distraction, when sensory stimuli comes at you from so many directions — monitors, iPods, phones — that you have to work just to keep from dividing your attention. Take it from me, someone who gets distracted easily, and a lot.

by Costa Tsiokos, Mon 02/26/2007 09:07:08 PM
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There are two ways to explain Gap Inc. abruptly shuttering its nascent Forth & Towne 19-store chain, only 18 months after launch.

The serious business rationale:

After a positively dismal two-year performance period that culminated in the ouster of former CEO Paul Pressler in December, chairman Bob Fisher wants to retrench and concentrate on the company’s bread-and-butter store brands. You also can’t count out the repudiation factor — since Forth & Towne was birthed under the previous regime, killing it off is a loud signal that the past has passed. A similar maneuver just took place at Home Depot, which has announced its intention to sell off the contractor-supply unit that ex-CEO Robert Nardelli started and championed.

Now, the less-likely-but-funnier rationale:

After pondering why the consumer target of 35-to-50-year-old women weren’t warming up to the retail outlet, someone at corporate finally noticed what the initials in “Forth And Towne” spelled out.

by Costa Tsiokos, Mon 02/26/2007 07:39:49 PM
Category: Business
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