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Sunday, February 25, 2021

Are we approaching a point where hunkering down to an Ethernet-tethered desktop computer for Web surfing will become as antiquated as using a landline telephone?

The latest Pew Internet & American Life Project report hints at a strong yes. Finding reveal one-third of users used wireless means to check the Web, while 20 percent had wi-fi networks set up at home.

This changes the level of interaction with the online medium:

“We know that ‘always on’ broadband connections really deepen people’s relationship to the Internet; adding ‘on the go’ to the mix takes this a step further,” said John Horrigan, associate research director at the Pew Internet Project. “The convenience of wireless access gives people the chance to fire off a quick e-mail to someone while waiting in a doctor’s office or check the news headlines on the way to work.”

It’s the next step in an evolution that makes the Internet more ubiquitous and accessible. The first phase was the ascendancy of broadband speeds on dedicated data pipes (mainly fiber cables), instead of the early connections via telephone line dialup. That changed people’s approach toward the Web, from a session experience that you had to bloc out time to accomplish, to a utility that you could access on the fly, picking up info-chunks as needed. With wireless access from mobile devices (including notebook computers, but also phones, etc.), that on-the-fly access extends beyond the physical location.

What’s not mentioned here is the increase in data vulnerability, as so many wi-fi access points are notoriously weak on security. That’s the tradeoff going forward.

by Costa Tsiokos, Sun 02/25/2007 08:07:38 PM
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Oh yeah, the Oscars are tonight. I think I’ll continue my personal Red Carpet tradition and overlook the broadcast.

But would I take in a back-to-back-to-back-to-back-to-back screening of the five flicks vying for the Best Picture statue?

At about 80 cinemas across the country yesterday, people paid $30 each to watch all five Best Picture nominees in advance of tonight’s Academy Awards ceremony: in order, “Babel”, “The Queen”, “The Departed”, “Letters From Iwo Jima” and “Little Miss Sunshine”.

The AMC Best Picture Showcase, it turns out, is an event not to be enjoyed but endured.

I can believe it. My sensibilities as a movie snob are above reproach — I once sat through six hours of an Andy Warhol film fest (I wanted to do the entire 24 hours, but scheduling prevented) — but I can think of better things to do than hole up in a multiplex for a cinematic-sensory overload. Actually, these days, I find that sitting through a single full-length feature of any quality is pretty mentally draining, whether I enjoy it or not. I simply don’t have the wherewithal to take in consecutive flicks like this.

As for the specific pictures on the AMC Showcase slate (slick event-based marketing ploy for that channel, by the way), I’d easily check out after the first three entries. Iwo Jima interests me not at all, despite the accolades; and I’m not intrigued enough by Sunshine to wait around for it.

As it happens, all of these movies are still in theaters around New York, and I haven’t seen any of them. Again, I’m interested in only the first three; if I can scrape up any time this decade, I’ll have to catch them.

by Costa Tsiokos, Sun 02/25/2007 07:19:05 PM
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Because there’s nothing more ornery than angry first-adopter geeks, the Second Life Liberation Army has sprouted up in Sims-on-steroids land.

The SLLA’s goal? To set off cyber atomic bombs in front of Second Life’s American Apparel and Reebok storefronts, all in the name of democratizing decisionmaking on the site and within Linden Lab’s business dealings.

The whole problem seems to stem from the very fact that SecondLife citizens lack the authority (or rights) to decide upon the future of the site, and have decided to set up shop as some web 2.0 terrorist group (or revolutionaries, as they prefer to call themselves), attempting to intimidate Linden Lab by shooting and blowing up users (who can never really die on in this world).

Yet another manifestation of registered site users imagining a sense of ownership over their favorite online hangout. I’m looking forward to news of mass avatar suicides when, inevitably, Linden sells out to some big media conglomerate, ala News Corp.-MySpace.

If the disenchantment with SL is so strong, I’d suggest these hardcore delusionals check out the headtrip that is First Life. There, they can vote in something called “elections”, and participate in broad-based revenue-sharing by acquiring something called “a job”.

by Costa Tsiokos, Sun 02/25/2007 03:14:16 PM
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special delivery
Top of the week, so it’s National Hockey League Special Teams Index time!

Take a hard look at last week’s STI standings, and then take note of this week’s. Because with the trade deadline coming at 3PM this Tuesday, February 27th, we could see major performance changes throughout the NHL. Stay tuned.

STI Rank Team PP % (Rank) PK % (Rank) STI Number
1 San Jose Sharks 23.0 (1) 84.1 (8) 107.1
2 Vancouver Canucks 17.8 (15) 88.7 (1) 106.5
3 Montreal Canadiens 22.5 (2) 83.1 (13) 105.6
4 Anaheim Ducks 20.9 (4) 84.4 (7) 105.3
5 Minnesota Wild 17.6 (18) 84.9 (4) 102.5
6 Edmonton Oilers 16.0 (24) 86.5 (2) 102.5
7 New Jersey Devils 17.6 (17) 84.8 (5) 102.4
8 Dallas Stars 18.2 (13) 84.1 (9) 102.3
9 New York Rangers 19.3 (7) 82.8 (15) 102.1
10 Nashville Predators 16.7 (21) 85.1 (3) 101.8
11 Ottawa Senators 17.9 (14) 83.6 (10) 101.5
12 Pittsburgh Penguins 20.7 (5) 80.7 (21) 101.4
13 Detroit Red Wings 17.8 (16) 83.3 (12) 101.1
14 Boston Bruins 19.1 (8) 81.8 (17) 100.9
15 Colorado Avalanche 21.0 (3) 79.7 (25) 100.7
16 Florida Panthers 18.4 (11) 82.2 (16) 100.6
17 Philadelphia Flyers 15.2 (27) 84.6 (6) 99.8
18 Buffalo Sabres 18.2 (12) 81.3 (19) 99.5
19 Calgary Flames 18.7 (9) 80.4 (23) 99.1
20 Carolina Hurricanes 15.9 (25) 83.1 (14) 99.0
21 Toronto Maple Leafs 18.5 (10) 79.4 (26) 97.9
22 Tampa Bay Lightning 19.8 (6) 77.7 (30) 97.5
23 Washington Capitals 16.7 (20) 80.6 (22) 97.3
24 Columbus Blue Jackets 16.1 (23) 81.0 (20) 97.1
25 New York Islanders 15.5 (26) 80.4 (24) 95.9
26 St. Louis Blues 14.0 (28) 81.7 (18) 95.7
27 Los Angeles Kings 17.4 (19) 77.8 (28) 95.2
28 Chicago Blackhawks 11.6 (30) 83.4 (11) 95.0
29 Atlanta Thrashers 16.4 (22) 77.8 (29) 94.2
30 Phoenix Coyotes 13.8 (29) 78.7 (27) 92.5
by Costa Tsiokos, Sun 02/25/2007 01:28:54 PM
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