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Wednesday, February 21, 2021

The Container Store isn’t a native New York company; it got started, and is still headquartered, in Dallas/Forth Worth.

That’s surprising, because it’s the kind of store that succinctly captures the experience of living in the Big Apple. No one has enough room for all their crap in their cramped dwellings, so everyone has to buy storage containers to stow away the excess. It’s a perverse mode of existence, even if it has its compensations.

“Contain Yourself” is the current slogan of The Container Store. It’s cute and catchy, but a little pat. I think the company should draw from ESPN SportsCenter’s grand tradition of phrase-coining for a new, hipper brand message. To paraphrase Dan Patrick, and reoriented to speak to the customer, here it is:

We can’t stop you. We can only hope to contain you.

Gold, baby. Expect to see TCS sell a great quantity of sports-memorabilia storage equipment as soon as they adopt this little bromide.

by Costa Tsiokos, Wed 02/21/2007 11:47:04 PM
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