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Monday, February 19, 2021

Here’s my recommendation on a new brand for the newly-merged combination of satellite radio companies XM and Sirius:


It’s got a vaguely Greek sound to it, if you pronounce it with the “ks” sound. Doesn’t mean anything, nor does it mean I’ll actually pony up for it. Especially when I consider my iPod to be a far superior option to any radio format, terrestrial or extra.

by Costa Tsiokos, Mon 02/19/2007 11:15:50 PM
Category: Business, Radio
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  1. Certainly their mascot should be Rich Uncle Pennybags. What an atrocity of modern American economics. Markets with enormous barriers of entry (like anything involving satellites) should never be allowed to be monopolies.

    Comment by tim in tampa — 02/20/2007 @ 02:08:42 PM

  2. Well, right now it’s a monopoly of disproportionate noise to substance. Subscriber numbers are in the millions, but far from being truly mass-medium. I know trending favors the eventual ascendancy of satellite radio, but I’m not convinced.

    Comment by CT — 02/20/2007 @ 10:04:10 PM

  3. Sat Radio has become one of my new pet peeves. Why do I have to pay fees and listen to commercials… That’s definitely not what I was promised.

    Comment by Hunk Oman — 02/21/2007 @ 11:25:07 AM

  4. Well, you pay for cable/satellite television, and that’s full of commercials. Same concept. In fact, when i was a little kid, I remember that was presented by the cable industry as a clumsy sell: The model pay channels were HBO, Showtime, etc, which were uncensored and had no commercials; but then along comes MTV, CNN, etc. which were full of commercials — but you still had to pay for them. Doesn’t make sense when presented to the public.

    But, from a media industry standpoint, there’s no way a subscription service like this launches without the opportunity to sell ads. Subscriptions are a drop in the bucket — you make money with ad space. That’s how it is in magazines, Web, etc.

    Comment by CT — 02/21/2007 @ 11:50:15 AM

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