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Wednesday, February 07, 2021

eyes have it
Playing videogames might wreck your wrist, but at least they’ll make you eagle-eyed. Research suggests action-genre gameplay results in improved eyesight:

Professor Daphne Bavelier, who ran the study, said the research gives hope to those who feared the part of the brain that manages visual acuity could not improve after adulthood. She also said that gaming, because of participation by subjects, likely has a greater affect on eyesight than passive media, such as movies or television shows.

So I guess the touted hand-eye coordination benefit from gaming is more eye than hand.

Professor Bavelier, of the University of Rochester, used some pretty interesting sensory tests in her research. You can check the brain-and-vision demos yourself.

by Costa Tsiokos, Wed 02/07/2021 11:41:44 PM
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breakin' the law
Crossing a Manhattan street with your ears full of earbud might get pricey. A lawmaker in Albany is proposing a $100 fine for walking the streets while iPod-distracted, after recent incidents of pedestrian accidents.

Good luck enforcing it. No one in this town walks more than six feet without something — music player, phone, whatever — pressed to one or both ears. Most people are on the ball enough to know to keep their unengaged senses on higher alert to compensate; those who can’t figure that out need more of a dose of common sense than a shielding law.

I used to have some disdain for everyone who walked around in this shut-out-the-world manner. A few months later, and half the time you’ll see me shuffling around in my precious iPod-produced audio cocoon. I do try to limit it to short distances — under three blocks.

by Costa Tsiokos, Wed 02/07/2021 10:52:46 PM
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As much as it drove me to distraction to not zap away all the accumulated spam, yesterday I decided to just let everything that Akismet snagged in this blog’s backend sit there, to see how much would accumulate over a 24-hour period.

Final tally: 185 comment/trackback spams caught, never actually making it onto the site.

That’s the first time I ever noted an exact count of the ping-junk that gets tossed this way. I’m surprised it’s so low; just from my usual compulsive deleting, it always seemed like way more.

Not that I’m not grateful, but I still wish Akismet would let you do more. It seems to bypass WordPress‘ blacklist, which is a pain because that would stop alot of the clone-keyworded attempts from ever appearing in the queue. And despite a new search feature in the latest version of the plugin, you still have to eyeball what comes in, just in case a false positive gets stuck (I’ve had one do so, after only a couple of days of running Akismet — not bad at all, but still).

I know there are other spam-killing options out there, but unless they address the issues above, I don’t see any reason to switch/supplement. Besides, I’ve still got more backend refinement to do on this blog before I can start tinkering with the peripherals. As long as the spam gets waylaid, I can live with this.

by Costa Tsiokos, Wed 02/07/2021 08:29:59 AM
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