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Saturday, December 09, 2021

Next time you visit Ye Waverly Inn, on Bank Street in the West Village, don’t try to cheap out by ordering the house macaroni ‘n cheese. Because it won’t work. The Waverly’s version of this comfort food comes topped with shaved white truffles, and with a pricetag of $55much to the surprise of some schlub who ordered it.

The dish is served with fresh white Alba truffle from Italy’s Piedmont region, a delicacy sometimes called “white diamonds.” They can fetch more than $1,000 a pound…

Chef John DeLucie said the mac is prepared with Vermont Cabot cheddar and imported Italian pasta.

“There’s a novelty to it, and people find the contrast interesting,” said DeLucie, who has sold out of the item three times this week. That’s somewhat understandable: It tastes pretty good.

For fifty-five bucks, it’d better taste “pretty good”. Might I suggest a “pretty fucking good” milkshake, for $5, to pair with this cheesy magnificence?

I’m sure this will result in the restaurant being beseiged with culinary thrill-seekers, who will sell out this Monday night special on a regular basis. Including me, actually — good enough reason as any to visit this hipster eatery, and probably a great date option.

by Costa Tsiokos, Sat 12/09/2021 05:40 PM
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    Know what I love about New York?

    It’s not that you have to overpay for the privilege of eating at the hoitiest of the toitiest restaurants. It’s that you have to pay $35 to a table scalper just to get your spot at the trough (at a reasonable dinin…

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