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Friday, November 17, 2021

As I mentioned, I’ve embarked upon a most enlightening nutritional quest: To see if drinking three cans of Enviga per day will, as claimed by the marketing hype, lead to increased calorie consumption.

I started on Wednesday. I’ll update my progress here on an every-other-day basis; I think daily would get tedious, both for me and anyone actually interested enough to follow this. That schedule would land an upcoming update right on Thanksgiving Thursday. So I’m looking forward to washing down the turkey and stuffing with a cold can of calorie-burning refreshment.

As for the experience so far… I’ve kept to the three-per since Wednesday (as I write this, I’m actually halfway through today’s second can, a Berry-flavored one). While the taste is pleasant enough, I found yesterday that I really need to space out the intake. One in the morning, for that wake-up jolt of caffeine, was fine. But then having the next two within the following four hours was a little much for me — by the time I left the office, I was feeling light-headed.

Lesson learned. I’m not planning on hitting today’s third can until tonight.

I don’t expect to notice any kind of physiological effect just yet (unless that mentioned light-headedness came from a metabolic reaction). I should note, though, that the negative-calorie claim was scrutinized a month ago, and found suspect. So will my whole purpose here be for naught? We’ll see.

Lastly, on procurement of said product: It seems to be fairly easy to find in Manhattan. No luck with the sidewalk newsstands, but retail stores are stocked with it. In fact, I’ve been able to load up at Duane Reade, where the refrigerated cases have manufacturer coupons offering three cans for the price of two — could there be a more perfect fit? Plus, the price is pretty reasonable, at about $1.49 per can. I don’t know if that’s just the intro test-market price-point; regardless, I’ll take it.

That’s plenty for now. Next update on Sunday.

by Costa Tsiokos, Fri 11/17/2006 02:26pm
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