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Wednesday, November 15, 2021

three burns a day
Despite the skepticism I displayed last month over the calorie-burning claims, I knew I would get my hands on the first can of Enviga I came across. How could I resist an ECGC/caffeine/calcium concoction, presented in a stylishly-colorful can?

I found a supermarket display of Enviga yesterday, and grabbed two cans: One each of the Berry and Peach flavors. I’m passing on the plain green tea version, as I’m not a particular fan of the straight stuff. I tried both today, and found them to be quite tasty, indeed.

While examining the shiny aluminum exterior, I read up on the messaging included on it. In addition to audacious claim of being “The Calorie Burner(tm)”, it offered this advice:

Three cans per day of Enviga have been shown to increase calorie burning by 60-100 calories in healthy normal weight 18-35 year olds. Individual results may vary.

Drinking more than three cans per day will not have an additional effect.

Three cans a day, and only three cans a day? I think I can handle that. And since I’m on the outer edge of that 18-35 range, this is my only chance to see if this Coca-Cola/Nestlé hybrid can deliver the goods. Plus, I’m cognizant that this product is getting an early roll-out here in New York, a couple of months before the rest of the country’s store shelves get it; so this is a perfect opportunity for me to give most people a hands-on product-review preview.

So, in the name of science, I’m going to guinea-pig myself on this sparkling chug-a-lug for the next couple of weeks. I still think any burning sensation will be mostly coincidental, but I’ll put it to the test. The only downside I can see is possible caffeine overdose; but if my regular daily tea habit hasn’t achieved that yet, I doubt this new stuff will.

Today was the start: Two cans of Berry, one can of Peach. Looking forward to tomorrow.

by Costa Tsiokos, Wed 11/15/2006 11:46pm
Category: Food, Science
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