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Tuesday, November 14, 2021

Blog syndication may be ramping up and over the usual RSS feeds to nowhere. Reuters has purchased a stake in Pluck Corp. and will distribute blog content across its online properties via the BlogBurst network. The results are already visible on Reuters’ Technology section.

I’ve actually got this blog registered with BlogBurst. I haven’t gotten any action from it to date, which is not too surprising, since I don’t really break any news here. If this development pushes a few of my permalinks out to more eyeballs, I’m all for it.

by Costa Tsiokos, Tue 11/14/2006 11:00 PM
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If you’re eyeing a new ride, now’s the time to hit the dealerships. New cars and trucks are more affordable, relative to average family income, than at any point since 1980, thanks to financing and rebate incentives out of Detroit.

Driving away in a new car required an average of 23.6 weeks of income for a family making $58,000 a year, the median in the third quarter of 2006. That’s nearly three weeks fewer than five years ago and 7.3 weeks less than in late 1994.

In the past year, the average price consumers pay for a light car or truck, including finance charges, dropped 5 percent to $26,500. At the same time, median family income rose about 5 percent.

The numbers crunched for the Comerica Bank Auto Affordability Index concern only the actual vehicle price. Obviously, after you get the car, you have to factor in insurance (which is an unavoidable legal requirement for staying on the road — a bigger state-sponsored scam I’ve never seen) and fluctuating fuel prices. The glow of the bargain fades a bit at that point.

by Costa Tsiokos, Tue 11/14/2006 09:53 PM
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The phrase “Will no one help the widow’s son?” is the S.O.S. alert for Freemasons everywhere. It’s supposed to be secret code, but obviously, the word’s gotten out.

It occurs to me that, with my father’s death last year, I am, indeed, now a widow’s son. Maybe that’s my in for becoming a free and accepted Mason. After all, they are recruiting.

by Costa Tsiokos, Tue 11/14/2006 08:57 PM
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