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Tuesday, November 07, 2021

being sexy
… If it’s not already. Because it’s hard for me to believe that you could hear CSS (Cansei de Ser Sexy, Portuguese translation of Beyonce Knowles’ attributed “I’m tired of being sexy”) in action and not fall in love with them.

I first wrote about this Brazilian synth-pop phenom back in July, when I bought one — count ‘em, one — of their tracks off iTunes. It was a techno remix of “Let’s Make Love and Listen to Death From Above”, and at that time, I figured I’d listen to it repeatedly until I got sick of it.

Well, it’s been months, and I never did get sick of it. I liked it so much that I finally bought a few more of their tracks for my iPod-grooving pleasure. I’ve been listening to them with hardly a break in the days since. I can’t decide which of the new additions I like best: “Meeting Paris Hilton”, “Music Is My Hot, Hot Sex”, or “CSS Suxxx”. (Actually, I think I just like the loopiness of the titles more than anything.)

So, I’d say I’m on board with this crew. If you already miss Sleater-Kinney, I daresay you couldn’t find a more worthy heir than the silly, pretension-free act that is CSS.

- Costa Tsiokos, Tue 11/07/2021 10:58:09 PM
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on the loose!
Fiesta! Like you couldn’t see this one coming

[Britney] Spears, 24, requested physical and legal custody of the couple’s two sons, one-year old Sean Preston and two-month-old Jayden James, with visitation rights for [Kevin “K-Fed”] Federline, 28.

She waived her right to spousal support (a no-brainer) and requested that each party pay their own legal fees.

Spears listed the date of the couple’s separation as Monday, the very same day she made a surprise appearance on “Late Night with David Letterman” to show off her newly slim figure.

I can only hope that we, as a society, can get passed this. Oh, there — I think we just did.

Oddly enough, this wasn’t the only entertainment-world marital schism to come down this day: Chris Rock is also calling it quits, with his wife of 10 years. You’d think the publicists would coordinate these things better…

Actually, with both Britney and Chris free and single again, I’m sensing some fearful synergy. Is there a love match? Or at least a future joint touring show?

I knew that death came in threes. Perhaps now celebrity divorces come that way, too. Who’s next?

- Costa Tsiokos, Tue 11/07/2021 10:06:30 PM
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