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Monday, November 06, 2021

It’s time again for a new strain of Microsoft Office. What will the 2007 edition bring in terms of look-and-feel?

For one thing, say goodbye to the decades-old drop-down menu:

The new Office programs, including Word and Excel, abandon the familiar drop-down menus in favor of a “ribbon” that shows the command icons in a strip across the top of the window. The contents of those ribbons are designed to change automatically as the program detects what the user is doing at any given moment.

Messing with the UI is treacherous territory. People are accustomed to the drop-down — it’s fairly intuitive. I would assume that Microsoft did tons of user testing before committing to such fundamental shift; but it wouldn’t surprise me if they didn’t, and simply ended up with this redesign as a concession to engineering demands.

I would take this new spring-action featuring on a test drive, but I don’t feel like going through the onerous registration process. If anyone out there has messed with it, feel free to share their feelings here.

- Costa Tsiokos, Mon 11/06/2021 10:53:55 PM
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  1. Because MS has been oh-so-successful at predicting user needs with that damn paperclip.

    Comment by Thud — 11/07/2021 @ 04:43:04 AM

  2. Of course, it’s not like users have a choice — there’s no viable substitute for Office out there (sorry, OpenOffice/Google Docs etc.). In a real way, Microsoft determines usage patterns for the majority of the computing universe.

    Most will hang onto previous versions for as long as comfortable, then finally bite the bullet and grapple with the new interface.

    Comment by CT — 11/07/2021 @ 10:42:14 AM

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