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Sunday, November 05, 2021

Special-teams tracking continues at this ol’ blog. NHL Special Teams Index through yesterday’s game action, for your perusal. Click through to last week’s post to see which teams moved up and down.

STI Rank Team PP % (Rank) PK % (Rank) STI Number
1 Minnesota Wild 21.9 (5) 92.3 (1) 114.2
2 San Jose Sharks 26.1 (1) 88.0 (6) 114.1
3 Montreal Canadiens 22.2 (4) 91.6 (2) 113.8
4 Anaheim Ducks 22.9 (2) 88.2 (5) 111.1
5 Dallas Stars 15.3 (19) 90.1 (4) 105.4
6 Buffalo Sabres 18.2 (8) 87.1 (9) 105.3
7 Atlanta Thrashers 17.8 (10) 86.8 (10) 104.6
8 Pittsburgh Penguins 20.6 (6) 83.6 (17) 104.2
9 Florida Panthers 22.2 (3) 81.5 (22) 103.7
10 Edmonton Oilers 15.6 (16) 87.9 (7) 103.5
11 Toronto Maple Leafs 15.5 (18) 86.6 (11) 102.1
12 Columbus Blue Jackets 18.0 (9) 83.1 (18) 101.1
13 New York Rangers 16.9 (14) 83.8 (16) 100.7
14 New York Islanders 19.7 (7) 80.5 (23) 100.2
15 Carolina Hurricanes 15.6 (17) 84.4 (13) 100.0
16 Colorado Avalanche 16.9 (13) 82.6 (20) 99.5
17 Ottawa Senators 8.5 (30) 90.6 (3) 99.1
18 Washington Capitals 15.9 (15) 83.1 (19) 99.0
19 St. Louis Blues 14.3 (21) 84.0 (15) 98.3
20 Los Angeles Kings 11.6 (26) 85.4 (12) 97.0
21 Philadelphia Flyers 8.8 (29) 87.9 (8) 96.7
22 New Jersey Devils 13.9 (22) 82.6 (21) 96.5
23 Vancouver Canucks 11.9 (25) 84.3 (14) 96.2
24 Nashville Predators 17.4 (12) 78.7 (27) 96.1
25 Chicago Blackhawks 15.2 (20) 80.2 (24) 95.4
26 Boston Bruins 17.7 (11) 75.4 (28) 93.1
27 Calgary Flames 13.3 (24) 78.8 (26) 92.1
28 Tampa Bay Lightning 13.6 (23) 75.4 (29) 89.0
29 Detroit Red Wings 9.2 (28) 79.1 (25) 88.3
30 Phoenix Coyotes 11.4 (27) 75.2 (30) 86.6
- Costa Tsiokos, Sun 11/05/2021 08:08:08 PM
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When I mentioned this weekend’s grand opening of Columbus 72, I noted that it would be the only dance club operating on the Upper West Side.

After taking in last night’s grand opening, I’d say the UWS is still waiting for a real danceteria to open up in the ‘hood.

Call me crazy, but twenty-year-old tracks by AC/DC, Guns n’ Roses and The Clash don’t qualify as dance music. But that’s what was pouring out of the sound system in the main room, much to my amazement. I don’t think I’ve ever had the misfortune to end up in an AOR-formatted club before.

When a handful of people made their way onto the dancefloor and started gyrating to “Sweet Child O’ Mine”, I felt like I’d somehow found my way into some Long Island dive (and I’ve never even been partying on LI, but that’s the creeping feeling I got). I really felt like punching someone at that point, the music was offending me so.

I don’t know if Crazy Eddie, the signature occupant of Columbus 72’s DJ booth, was responsible for this travesty. While I was waiting in line to get in, I asked one of the bouncers if he knew who was spinning; he didn’t know, but said it was “two old guys”. If nothing else, Eddie — whether it’s former chain co-owner Eddie Antar or commercial pitchman Jerry Carroll — is now old, so odds are good he was one of the culprits.

The rest of the club was adequate enough. It was sizable by NYC standards, with enough grooving room and corner spots to accomodate the typical nightlife maneuvering. The bartenders did their jobs in all aspects, including looking good; I didn’t exactly challenge their drinkmaking abilities with my orders of vodka tonics. And the crowd as decent, with enough eyecandy to keep my eyes open.

All that was overridden by the misguided music selection, though. When I want to dance, I want electronic, house, disco — y’know, danceable music. From this century and the turn of it, preferably. If I want dinosaur rock, I’ll turn on the radio and crash on my sofa. It’s certainly not something I want to envelop myself in while partying.

I left after about an hour. I wasn’t the only one beating a path to the door around that time; I briefly chatted with three women who pretty much agreed with my assessment of the sound at this alleged dance club. I don’t know what the club cognoscenti behind this new joint was thinking, but if they keep this up, I don’t see Columbus Avenue hosting this nightspot for too many more weeks.

- Costa Tsiokos, Sun 11/05/2021 07:03:00 PM
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Has a snooping friend/spouse/parent signed up on Facebook just to nose around your page? Kill them with kindness with “friendbombing”, the social network site equivalent of the distributed denial of service attack.

Getting innundated with too many peer requests is supposed to have an unnerving effect, thus shaming someone off Facebook. But, considering how hollow the “friend” designation has become vis-a-vis these affinity sites, maybe that sort of emotional response is too much to hope for:

But Facebook’s use of the word “friend” is a little troubling in a world where true friendship is hard to find and even harder to sustain. The idea of getting friends wholesale seems to be part of that element of the Internet that can render life virtual and a little pallid. In many ways, the Internet strengthens relationships by allowing easy communication over a distance. But without a human touch, it’s hard to keep the conversation going beyond niceties. Facebook seems to be saying: “Sure, we might be seeing less of our real friends face to face. But we’ll make it up with volume.”

That perfectly sums up how ultimately insubstantial sites like Facebook and MySpace are.

- Costa Tsiokos, Sun 11/05/2021 05:23:50 PM
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While scrambling up and down Manhattan last night, I saw a lot of parked cars. And on a lot of those parked cars, I saw a lot of bumperstickers. And a lot of those bumperstickers were the familiar leftovers from 2004 Presidential campaign.

Yes, as you’d expect around here, loads of John Kerry ones; but also a fair number in support of W, too.

Regardless, I think it’s far past time that these relics from elections past be stricken from our sight. In fact, I think midterm elections should serve as the official end of the statute of limitation for continuing to display stickers from the prior Presidential contest. Even that’s too long to let those poli-slackers slide, but at least it’s a convenient milestone.

So, since this year’s midterms are a mere two days away, that means all you people out there still sporting your Kerry/Edwards and Bush/Cheney colors are on the clock. Get those scrapers out!

- Costa Tsiokos, Sun 11/05/2021 04:01:38 PM
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Is there a more stirring sight than a human river of runners, working its way down the manmade canyons of the big city?

Well, it’s stirring provided that you have a cherry view of it from a rooftop somewhere, and you don’t have any particular place to go. But if you have to be out and about on this New York City Marathon Sunday (pardon me — that’s the ING NYC Marathon), you’ll have to factor in a lot of contingency time: The marathon is cutting a fearsome swath though the five boroughs, leaving snarled traffic (automobile and pedestrian) in its path.

In particular, it sucks on the other side of the Williamsburg Bridge:

Brooklyn will be particularly hard-hit, as the marathon slices the borough from north to south along Fourth, Bedford and Manhattan Aves. Drivers trying to head east or west should take the Belt Parkway to the Gowanus or the Prospect expressways, but both routes are expected to be jammed.

So if you can’t stay inside, what’s your recourse?

“On marathon Sunday, there will be streets closed in every borough and over 2 million spectators along the route,” said Department of Transportation Commissioner Iris Weinshall. “We encourage New Yorkers to use mass transit every day - but on Sunday no encouragement should be needed.”

Interesting recommendation, because as it happens, the subways are out of whack, thanks to weekend construction work. I’ll add another fucked-up line to those cited: The V train, which was MIA yesterday evening as I waited in vain for the uptown-bound for some 20 minutes (I finally dashed across the platform to catch the third F to pass through).

I guess this all conspires to make this a lazy, do-nothing Sunday. Right up my alley, actually, with football and hockey on the tube all day. But to get into the fleet-footed spirit, I will bone up on the myths of physiological prepartion for long-distance running.

- Costa Tsiokos, Sun 11/05/2021 12:58:13 PM
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