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Sunday, October 08, 2021

Packing a nursing bra and a hungry infant son, Tracy Connor hits various public venues around New York in the hopes of eliciting nursing-in-public (NIP for short) outrage.

The result? Hardly an eye was batted in 5th Avenue’s Apple Store, a crosstown bus, the Met, or even at hoity-toity eatery Le Cirque. Cosmopolitanism on display. Or perhaps acknowledgement of the legal protection of said activity, or else simple jaded resignation over the anything-goes mentality of big city living.

The one place where she got any flack? Irony of ironies, Babies “R” Us. Which is and isn’t surprising, considering the Times Square Toys “R” Us breast-feeding flap that inspired this little adventure.

I guess the corporate culture-shift on motherly boob-baring hasn’t filtered all the way down yet, a month later. Talk about alienating one of your core customer bases.

by Costa Tsiokos, Sun 10/08/2021 10:47:51 PM
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Where’s the ideal location for Wall Street’s backup operations? Wall Street West is a $30-million initiative by northeastern Pennsylvania to build disaster-management facilities for the global financial infrastructure.

Boosters say northeastern Pennsylvania, some 80 miles west of New York, can help companies meet [the goal of being able to resume the processing of financial transactions as early as two hours after a terror attack]. The region is far enough away that it would not be affected by an attack, but close enough to allow for real-time transmission of data over fiber-optic lines — a critical requirement of the financial sector.

The nine counties involved in the Wall Street West program were chosen because they could potentially be reached by 125 miles of fiber, the distance at which data transmission becomes less than instantaneous. The counties are Lehigh, Northampton, Berks, Monroe, Carbon, Pike, Wayne, Luzerne and Lackawanna.

The region also is served by a different power grid, transportation network and watershed than New York, as called for in guidelines issued jointly by the Securities and Exchange Commission, the Federal Reserve and the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency.

I’m sure this cheeses off New Jersey, which has served as Wall Street’s backyard (mainly in Jersey City and greater Hudson County) since 9/11. But leapfrogging the Garden State makes sense logistically.

I don’t know if worker mobility enters into this, but since people around here are accustomed to insanely-long commutes to and from New York City, I guess that’s a non-issue. The thought of trudging from Scranton to Manhattan on a regular basis, though — sheesh.

Note that Philly is well outside this proposed backoffice region. I suppose that means the Philadelphia Stock Exchange can also make use of the capacity upstate of the City of Brotherly Love.

by Costa Tsiokos, Sun 10/08/2021 09:58:06 PM
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I guess sinisterly controlling the course of human events makes for overly-stringent membership requirements. New York’s Masonic Society, facing the greying and dying-off of its ranks, is lifting its secretive veil — with PR.

The lodge also hired a public relations firm to spread the word about its 225th anniversary, which was last month. And the Masons have run advertisements in movie theaters and run one-day classes to award the first three Masonic degrees in a single session. Until then, would-be Masons had to spend months learning what they needed to know to rise from Entered Apprentice to Fellowcraft to Master Mason.

“We’re still not thinking of it as recruiting or trying to amass people,” said Thomas M. Savini, the director of the library at the New York Grand Lodge Headquarters, on West 23rd Street and the Avenue of the Americas, “but I think we’ve reached a point where we realized that not saying anything isn’t making it any easier.”

Geez, how low have those with the invisible hand fallen. What’s next, a MySpace page? Or a point-by-point comparison with the Stonecutters?

by Costa Tsiokos, Sun 10/08/2021 09:16:14 PM
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star-spuddedPommes Frites is a hole-in-the-wall institution on 2nd Avenue. Get ready to stand in line for a while before you get your coneful of fried taters, with special sauce of your choice (of course).

The waiting was a bit of a bummer for me when I stopped by the joint yesterday afternoon, as I was going after the grease as a hangover cure. But that was mitigated by the petite Asian woman standing behind me, who got my attention by jumping up and down a couple of times (she was trying to see what was holding up the line, which turned out to be nothing). That led to an exchange of which sauce each of us was getting (me: blue cheese, her: garlic mayo), me buying her order for her, and her giving me her phone number.

So now I know where to go the next time I’m simultaneously craving steak fries and Asian girls. In that order.

Incidentally, I hadn’t realized how widespread Euro-style french fries were in the Big Apple. I think a citywide frites-faceoff is called for…

by Costa Tsiokos, Sun 10/08/2021 07:50:10 PM
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We already knew the mommyblog brigades were recruitment grounds for ABC’s “Wife Swap”.

Apparently, someone in DC deems that to be a national security threat. What other reason for the Pentagon doing some deep analysis through Queen of Spain’s archives? I hear the sound of jackboots approaching in the middle of the night…

Actually, if this stops just one mommyblogger from posting yet another photo of their little precious sucking on the TV remote, the establishment of a military dictatorship will have been worth it.

by Costa Tsiokos, Sun 10/08/2021 12:23:48 PM
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