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Sunday, September 10, 2021

To make up for a subdued hurricane season this year, Mother Nature saw fit to toss a 6.0-magnitude earthquake into the Gulf of Mexico at about 11AM this morning, causing noticable structural shimmying in Tampa Bay and other Gulf communities.

It seems like the weather gods (if earthquakes can be defined as a weather phenomenon, which I grant is a stretch) aim to keep Florida on its toes. What’s next, California-style mudslides?

During the 16 years I lived in the Sunshine State, there was at least one other noticable earthquake to strike Tampa Bay, probably about 10 years ago. It wasn’t particularly strong, and it hit really early in the morning, around 6AM. I slept right through it, and I don’t think I talked to anyone who consciously experienced it. Sounds like I would’ve felt this one, which would have been an experience to file away, since I’ve never been through one.

An earthquake in the land of hurricanes brings to mind a previous comparison I observed about the competing climactic catastrophes:

A coworker from northern California, who grew up with earthquakes, told me that given the choice of natural disasters, she prefers earthquakes to tropical storms. With earthquakes, there’s no real warning. It just happens, and whether it’s just a tremor or 10.0, you only worry about it while it’s happening. There’s no build-up beforehand.

With storm systems, the tracking starts days in advance, and as the pathway becomes clearer, the storm warnings increase with frequency. All the information is supposed to prepare you, but in reality, it doesn’t-it just panics you. The panic is senseless, because much like an earthquake, there’s very little you can do about it; the storm’s going to hit, and all the preparations you make aren’t going to change that.

I’m thinking that a lot of Floridians got a slight taste of that perspective today.

- Costa Tsiokos, Sun 09/10/2021 04:32:23 PM
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