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Wednesday, August 23, 2021

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If YouTube hadn’t already jumped the shark with that whole lonelygirl15 imbroglio, I’d say cavorting with Paris Hilton easily put the latest Internet wunderkind airborne.

The video is an example of what the company calls “participatory video ads,” or PVAs. Like other YouTube videos, PVAs can be rated, commented upon, and embedded in blogs and MySpace profiles. The clip pushes Hilton’s newly released debut album, “Paris,” and is part of YouTube’s initial big test of the online advertising waters…

Hilton is also the star of You Tube’s first “brand channel,” the second concept in the company’s new advertising plan.

Brand channels are much like the channels created for all YouTube users who upload their homemade videos to the site. But the purpose of a brand channel is to sell a product rather than to simply promote one’s ability to attract an audience. This is similar to the sponsored MySpace pages that have become an integral part of the social networking site’s advertising arsenal.

Call me crazy, but wouldn’t a more logical musical partner for YouTube be U2? Y’know: “U2 on YouTube”? Linguistically, it just flows so well.

You know YouTube is serious about this celebrity association, because it’s set up a dedicated, compact URL for Ms. Hilton’s brand channel. Very smart for marketing purposes.

I could join in the predictable hatin’ marathon going on at the inaugural Paris video. But it would ring hollow, because I’ve already professed my appreciation of her musical efforts (as long as they’re remixed).

by Costa Tsiokos, Wed 08/23/2006 05:17:09 PM
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