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Tuesday, August 22, 2021

In about an hour, I’m off to Vol de Nuit to attend another Media Bistro Freelance Mixer. And rather than post just a recap afterward, like last time on Delancey, I thought I’d provide a preview instead. I may or may not follow up with a postscript, either on this post or in a separate, dedicated one. If nothing else, this will serve as a quasi-greeting for anyone I touch base with tonight, at least through to tomorrow evening.

I’ve not been to Vol. Since a massive beer selection is its calling card, it’s no wonder why I haven’t hit it — I’m pretty lukewarm when it comes to suds, imported or domestic. The portrait offered is one of a darkened pub, serving up plate after plate of fried mussels (frites) and fries… Practically screams Euro-snob. But they’ll be offering free appetizer samplers tonight, so who am I to snub? Still, I hope they have a halfway decent liquor offering.

Once again, I’ll be sporting a nametag that says “Blogger” on it. Anything for a thrill. I hope I get more sour reactions this time, too.

I’m also going to use this gathering as an opportunity to dish out the last (I think) of my blog business cards. They’re a bit obsolete now, because they still have my old Florida cellphone number. I’ve been meaning to order new ones, but I want to play with the design on them (still mirroring the layout and colors on this website, but at different proportions); just haven’t found the time to do that. Exhausting my supply should serve as a spur for that. And if my handing out those cards gets me some female action tonight — as is allegedly the intent — all the better.

As always, the stated purpose of Media Bistro’s get-together is merely to encourage freelancing community bonding; thus, business networking is strongly discouraged. Which, of course, is a crock — every one of these things has involved professionals probing each other for leads, advice, and outright job offers. Really, why else make time for it? At this point, after three or four previous participations, I’m starting to see some familiar faces, and that’s nice; and trying out bars that I’d otherwise never go to is a good fringe benefit. But if nothing else, the goal is to get the pulse of what’s going on in the city’s creative job market, and how it can benefit you.

But, as has been the case for a while now, I’m not really freelancing right now. I’ve got a contract gig that’s de facto open-ended, to the point where it certainly feels like a standard office job. So once again, I’ll be mingling just a bit out of my element, and feeling somewhat self-conscious about it. But hey — maybe the frites and fries will smooth things out this time!

by Costa Tsiokos, Tue 08/22/2006 05:47:29 PM
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not a videogame
As long as I’m in urban-dweller rant mode today, I might as well recount a minor perturbance from last night:

While waiting to reload my MetroCard, some lady with baby stroller is hogging the machine for measurable minutes, busily engaging the touchscreen as though she were playing a game of Pac-Man. Predictably, the baby starts howling at mom, making the wait that much more intolerable. Finally, I gave up waiting and took off.

I’m guessing the machine wasn’t working, which accounted for her continual screen-poking. The twin terminal to our left was definitely out of order. But I still would have liked a crack at it. If it ain’t working for you, folks, get out of the way and give others a shot.

by Costa Tsiokos, Tue 08/22/2006 11:24:10 AM
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Walking in to work this morn, I encountered not one, but two instances of some overweight slob shuffling along, clogging up the crowd of on-the-go walkers behind him/her (one of each) trying to get up to street level and past a narrow sidewalk.

I would point out that they were both plugged into their iPods, and thus were more or less oblivious to the world of annoyance surrounding them. However, since I also happened to be sprouting earbuds from my head while stepping about, I’ll let that slide.

I would refer these pedestrian-challenged dorks to an instructional guide. But since that’s not likely to do much good, I think instead I’ll just start carrying a harpoon with me every morning.

by Costa Tsiokos, Tue 08/22/2006 10:44:08 AM
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I’m not going to pretend to comprehend the ins and outs of what Cleversafe does. Beyond the basic concept of dividing up digital data into 11 disparate chunks as a rock-solid encryption level, and approaching it as an open-source endeavor, the intricacies are simply beyond my ken.

But I like the idea of chopping up the bits and bytes of our digital detritus for safety’s sake. Seems fitting, somehow.

by Costa Tsiokos, Tue 08/22/2006 08:15:26 AM
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