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Tuesday, August 15, 2021

As previously mentioned, the earbud headphones on my iPod seem to have crapped out. I was able to confirm that; I dug up an old set of earbuds I had from a prior iPod model, and discovered the marked difference in volume.

Still, I decided to stop by the Fifth Avenue Apple Store today, on the off-chance that I could snag myself a replacement set. I’ve had the new iPod for only five months, after all; I figured that’s way too soon for the in-package accessories to fail.

I was pleasantly surprised to have walked away from the store with a free pair of standard-issue earbuds. Really amazing — I didn’t have to give the iPod’s serial number or anything. I just told one of the Apple helpers (a cute one, by the way) why I was there, and she led me right over to the accessories stash, where she grabbed a pre-packaged set and handed them to me. No fuss, no muss.

Which, I guess, proves out the contention by rabid audiophiles everywhere that the included earbuds are of pretty low quality. After all, why would Apple hand them out for free, unless they were fairly worthless? Fortunately for me, I’m just tone-deaf enough that it doesn’t matter — I’ll gladly take Apple’s freebie, with much appreciation.

Incidentally, the Fifth Avenue store happens to be open 24 hours a day year-round. Good to know for whenever I lose this set of earbuds at some odd hour.

by Costa Tsiokos, Tue 08/15/2006 11:51:28 PM
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Leave it to America Online to go the extra — and absurd — mile to get at its court-ordered compensation. The ISP is preparing to dig up the grounds of on-the-lam spammer Davis Wolfgang Hawke’s parents’ home, in search of gold and other precious metals he allegedly buried there for safekeeping, in order to recover some of the $12.8 million judgement won against him.

On the one hand, it signifies what bad shape AOL is in, that it would go to such lengths to get monies owed. On the other hand, this should send a chill down the spine of prospective spammers who look to use AOL as a platform.

by Costa Tsiokos, Tue 08/15/2006 11:23:36 PM
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Now that the FCC finally has gotten around to investigating the widespread use of video news releases, or “fake news” reports, it might be useful to know the list of U.S. local stations that ran these veritable infomercials during their newscasts.

Actually, I don’t think “fake news” is a proper description for video news releases, because the terms applies to a different animal nowadays. Those much-fawned-upon comedy-news vehicles like “The Daily Show” and “The Colbert Report” have claimed the “fake news” moniker with tongue-in-cheek aplomb. So VNRs, as phony as they are, will have to be described differently.

Anyway, this proliferation of packaged propaganda only confirms my longstanding abandonment of television news. Not that the fake news turned me off — rather, it was the endless parade of real hard-hitting reports on kittens up trees and celebrity criminal trials that caused me to write off what had become a genre.

by Costa Tsiokos, Tue 08/15/2006 10:49:09 PM
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So, over the past couple of days, I managed to forget to zip up my pants zipper while roaming around in public. Hey, it happens.

But why does it happen? It’s not like the zipper is a complex mechanism — pull up, pull down. You wouldn’t think it’d be hard to remember it in your clothing sequence.

Yet I do. And so do countless others, every day. You’d think that by now, clothing technology would have trumped what’s been a persistent source of fashion faux-pas. If there’s no solution, then I propose abolishing the thing altogether; come up with some velcro fastener, or a different pant structure, or something. If they devoted so much effort toward tagless t-shirts, then this zipper scourge is deserving of outside-the-box study as well.

by Costa Tsiokos, Tue 08/15/2006 08:17:18 AM
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taking her round-trip
More evidence supporting Hooters contention that it’s a fun family-friendly restaurant. This billboard in Tampa (presumably near Channelside) lives on, while its twin was yanked down in Clearwater after civic scrutiny kicked in:

“The first time I read it, it went over my head, and then I got it,” said Clearwater’s always alert mayor, Frank Hibbard.

Personally, I’d do this the other way around: “Liquor” in Vegas and “poker” in Tampa. Something about the corresponding ambiance in each town… That’s just the way I roll, yo.

Obviously, the Tampa Bay media market is sporting a strong streak of exploitable gullibility. The next time I visit, I’m going to keep my eyes peeled for the inevitable, and over-everyone’s-heads, Sofa King billboards.

by Costa Tsiokos, Tue 08/15/2006 08:06:06 AM
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