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Friday, August 11, 2021

non-traditional venues
It was rumored, and now it’s official: The Florida Panthers and New York Rangers will play in San Juan’s Coliseo de Puerto Rico this preseason, on September 23rd.

Although it would be a good excuse for visiting Puerto Rico for the first time ever (aside from, y’know, the beaches and climate and stuff), I don’t think I’ll be making this game. However, I hold out hope for catching the Blueshirts beat up on the Islanders in a game that counts in Yankee Stadium.

by Costa Tsiokos, Fri 08/11/2021 05:00:07 PM
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My residual Floridian-ness got a mild chuckle when I got to the end of this article on an office-rental turf war between Manhattan and Jersey City:

Kathryn Wylde, president of the Partnership for New York City, said that another border war would be unwise.

“What’s important to New York is that these jobs remain within our regional economy,” she said. “We’re long past days where New Jersey is the enemy. It’s more important that these jobs don’t move to Maryland, Tampa or India.”

I’m sure the Tampa Chamber of Commerce (and the chambers in Maryland, for that matter) appreciates being equated with a Third World option for outsourcing.

by Costa Tsiokos, Fri 08/11/2021 04:49:31 PM
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By virtue of my naturally faster-than-normal-person gait, I’m proud to say that I took to the morning foot-traffic rush hour in Manhattan almost instantly. I weave in and out of pedestrian pockets with the greatest of ease. And I didn’t even need an instructional guide.

But some days, the instinctual flow that allows you to glide from street level to subway platform and back again just isn’t there. Maybe it’s the chronic sleep deprivation catching up; maybe it’s the destructive interjection of clueless tourists; maybe it’s the heightened Terror Alert. Whatever it is, you go from an adroit urbanite on the move to a herky-jerky sidewalk side-stepper.

I wasn’t quite the Clumsytron 3000 this morning, but I definitely wasn’t on my game. I managed to get into someone’s path about every fifth or sixth step today, from the minute I stepped out my front door to my arrival at the office.

I will say, though, that this off-kiltering doesn’t appear to be just me. A few things were a bit off this morning: My normally predictable train made a few mid-track stops-and-starts; the barista at my usual Starbucks had me waiting a couple of extra minutes for my usual bland order of tea, and initially forgot about the accompanying bagel; and there were more puddles and other dodgable items on the sidewalk than on an average day. The whole city’s out of whack, ever so slightly.

Maybe I just have an alcohol deficiency. I can easily take care of that tonight.

by Costa Tsiokos, Fri 08/11/2021 11:07:26 AM
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