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Thursday, July 27, 2021

popstatted neckwearIt’s come to this.

A couple of days ago, I stopped by Brooks Brothers to pick up a couple of ties. In particular, I was in need of a green tie, as my wardrobe was lacking one. Since green’s my favorite color, it was a glaring omission for me.

I found the tie with the green pattern pictured here. As soon as I saw it, I liked it. Maybe it was the two-thirds shade of green to the one-third purple ratio; maybe it was the grid-like squares.

Anyway, I wore it today for the first time. And in an idle moment, I stared at the tie; then I stared up at my computer monitor, which happened to be displaying this very blog.

And it hit me: The tie pattern, with the green square-within-square motif, is very reminiscent of the header image on this very page.

So I guess I know why the tie grabbed me so suddenly in the store. Yes, without realizing it, my blog design informed my clothing purchase. I bought what was, in effect, a Population Statistic tie, the purple specks notwithstanding.

It’s probably a bad sign when your blog’s graphic design influences what you wear. On the bright side, I guess I have the beginnings of a CafePress inventory for this blog.

- Costa Tsiokos, Thu 07/27/2006 11:29:01 PM
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  1. Maybe this blog to fashion trend can have some financial upside!!! Most sites just have stupid t-shirts not designer neckwear! Is the “Costa Collection” far off?

    Comment by Chuck — 07/28/2006 @ 08:34:16 AM

  2. More impetus to do something with my header image - I think I’d have a hard time marketing an In Theory white undershirt.

    Comment by Joel — 07/28/2006 @ 08:44:54 AM

  3. Chuck: Yeah, and I’m sure the Brothers Brooks won’t mind me co-opting their ties. I’d class them up…

    Joel: I consider the In Theory header to be a superb example of negative space. Probably super-hot in the fashion world!

    And if that doesn’t fly, you can always sue Fruit of the Loom, Haines, etc. for post-preemptive infringement on your design concept…

    Comment by CT — 07/28/2006 @ 09:19:13 AM

  4. Ha! I’d love to frame my laziness as chic design.

    Actually my lack of enthusiasm for a header image has lead me to believe that the problem with the blog design is it’s too much. Perhaps more negative space is the answer.

    Comment by Joel — 07/28/2006 @ 11:45:58 PM

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