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Saturday, July 22, 2021

It be hot out there this summer, folks. So if “Right Guard will not help you here”, maybe Neosporin will kill your armpit stenchiness:

After all, the stink isn’t from the sweat but from the bacteria, and Neosporin kills that stuff. I’m half surprised the deodorant companies don’t start adding antibiotics to their products. I mean, it probably isn’t good for you in the long run but then again, everything kills you anyways so you might as well not stink.

A capital idea. This sort of thing has meme-like potential; I wouldn’t be surprised to see “With Anti-Bacterial Action!” taglines all over those “X-Treme” deodorant sticks by next summer.

The only drawback I can think of: As you know, germs tend to mutate to the point where they develop resistances to all those sanitizing hand-wipes and such. So if they start jacking up underarm sticks with this stuff, the effectiveness will work for only so long. In fact, the armpit stinkers may evolve to the point where they’re impossible to expunge. So maybe this idea should stay under wraps.

by Costa Tsiokos, Sat 07/22/2006 02:41:47 PM
Category: Science
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  1. I’ve used Neosporin as a stand-in when I’m out of anti-perspirant for a few years now. It works decently well, if you get over the gooeyness.

    Comment by tim — 07/22/2006 @ 05:41:13 PM

  2. It’s true that eventually the Staphylcoccus epidermidis bacteria will probably evolve, but in the meantime you’ll smell as sweet as a rose. Or, at least, whatever you smell like “naturally”. :)

    Tim: you can avoid the gooey-ness if you just apply a bit; very little goes a long way!

    Comment by douglas.nerad — 07/23/2006 @ 03:22:28 AM

  3. If it’s all the same to y’all, I’d rather not experience even a hint of “gooeyness” in that area… The corner store’s only a few steps away!

    Comment by CT — 07/23/2006 @ 03:57:33 PM

  4. That’s true. I would rather use a stick than ointment myself. But I’m a surfer and got a rash in my pit recently (too much paddling probably) and discovered this trick. Probably a well known trick, actually, but new to me. I think Carlos has the right idea that a bit of antibacterial in deodorant would do wonders for better stench protection!

    Comment by douglas.nerad — 07/24/2006 @ 12:47:16 AM

  5. Lysol also kills bacteria and is not “gooey”.

    Comment by GC — 09/19/2006 @ 09:39:39 PM

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