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Monday, July 17, 2021

I’ve never, in my life, bought a copy of Harper’s Bazaar. A 35-year-old hetero male not buying a women’s mag — go figure.

But this morning, when I saw the cover of the brand-new August issue, with that Britney Spears as latter-day nude-and-pregnant Demi Moore pose, I couldn’t resist. I just had to stop at the displaying newsstand — one I never stop at, as I opt to make most of my purchases at one closer to my office — and, in a near-hypnotic state, requested the copy of Harper’s. Three dollars and change later, I had the hard copy in my hot little hands.

Right now, the magazine is sitting on my desk. I’ve yet to crack it open. Sure, I’ve already seen the nearly-naked photospread, and read the gist of the interview. So the urgency certainly isn’t there.

But beyond that, the cover image itself is just so hard to get past. Like I said last time: The blend of absurdity and titillation leaves me unnerved.

Anyway, I’m sure the Hearst Corporation will be pleased to know that, Internet preview notwithstanding, they succeeded in getting me to open my wallet.

by Costa Tsiokos, Mon 07/17/2006 06:21:22 PM
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  1. I didn’t know Nancy Wilson published magazines. Hearst perhaps?

    But you’re obviously very busy, so we won’t dwell.

    Comment by Joel — 07/17/2006 @ 06:43:46 PM

  2. BTW - is it any coincidence that the Britney post came right after the slut soap? Methinks that is where the distraction lies.

    Comment by Joel — 07/17/2006 @ 06:45:30 PM

  3. Eh, go edit your own blog ;) Now fixed. All hail Hearst.

    And I don’t like the implication that Ms. Spears-Federline is less than virtuous. Don’t expect to get an invite to Baby No. 2’s christening.

    Comment by CT — 07/18/2006 @ 10:28:00 AM

  4. Fortunately (?), I subscribe.

    Comment by CGHill — 07/18/2006 @ 10:31:19 AM

  5. In a word….K-Fedtastic!

    Comment by Kirby — 07/19/2006 @ 12:08:12 AM

  6. Incidentally, my subscription copy has a different cover photo: it’s basically the same pose, but taken from in front, and it’s full-length.

    Comment by CGHill — 07/20/2006 @ 11:03:24 AM

  7. I think that calls for posting the subscriber-only cover image. If not at Dustbury — probably doesn’t match the decor there — then go ahead and email it on over. I’ll even post it side-by-side for a comparison.

    Comment by CT — 07/20/2006 @ 04:50:11 PM

  8. It’s on the way. She’s moved one arm, and she’s not really smiling, but it’s obviously from the same sitting.

    Comment by CGHill — 07/20/2006 @ 05:28:46 PM

  9. Paging Claudette Rains

    If you’re a female, the Taliban would just as soon you kept yourself out of sight: Women’s faces are being painted out of billboards across the city of Peshawar in…

    Trackback by dustbury.com — 07/20/2006 @ 05:51:05 PM


    At the risk of turning this blog into a complete Britney Spears obsess-a-thon, I present the limited-edition subscriber version of the aforementioned pregnant Harper’s Bazaar cover for August. Newsstand version is included here on top, for a…

    Trackback by Population Statistic — 07/20/2006 @ 11:49:14 PM

  11. åååååååååååå i like this protos there you are pregnant.and you are so beuteful

    Comment by brit — 10/11/2021 @ 02:59:51 PM

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